Lucy: Mother of Us All……..and Mitochondrial Eve!

Best and Most Accurate  Depiction of Lucy I Found to Date
                                        Best and Most Accurate Depiction of Lucy I Found to Date

Back in January, I wrote a post called Meet Your Mommy!: Mitochondrial Eve, Mother of Us All in which I discussed Mitochondrial Eve, who lived between 100,000 to 200,000 years ago and is the common woman ancestor of all huemans and humans. In another post last month, The Concept of the Black Woman Is God I briefly discussed another Black woman who is Eve’s predecessor and is also the common ancestor of all huemans and humans. Her name is Lucy. Lucy is the oldest known human ancestor to all huemanity and humanity. Although Lucy may not have been the first human, her fossils were the oldest human fossils (at whopping 3 million years old!) to be found on earth. Lucy’s fossils were found in 1974 in Ethiopia, Africa by American anthropologist Donald Johanson.  Therefore, Lucy, a BLACK WOMAN AND THE FIRST HUMAN represents THE MOTHER OF ALL. Joseph R. Gibson, author of When God Was A Black Woman And Why She Isn’t Now states:

Lucy and her exponentially great-granddaughter Eve,  both Black Women, were the first acknowledged humans to have humanized the world by controlling and breaking it’s hold on them. What is more these women’s success is evident in their next great divine act, the literal creation of humanity. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that all people, regardless of race,are the genetic descendants of these two Black Women.”

Mitochondrial Eve
Mitochondrial Eve

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) has proven that an African Homo sapiens ancestor created all Africans and non-Africans. DNA scientist Rebecca Cann suggests, “the common ancestor of all surviving mtDNAs (all surviving human beings) lived between 140,000 to 290,000 years ago in Eastern or Southern Africa.” Cann’s estimate is mean date of about 200, 000 B.C. for the first common human and Woman ancestor nicknamed “Eve” by Cann to have emerged. According to Gibson

All available evidence points to the fact that all humanity as we now know it (Lucy was premature in her development) evolved entirely in Africa approximately 200,000 years ago from a Black Woman now named Mitochondrial Eve (not to be confused with the biblical Eve). Eve is literally Lucy’s exponentially great-granddaughter. Eve is the “Mitochondrial Mother” of the last evolution of humanity, which means that based on DNA in the gene cells of every human being in the world, everyone came from one woman, Eve, and she was Black. As explained by Sharp, Eve represents the beginning of modern homo, sapiens, modern humans, folks who walk, talk, eat, reason like you do, and that’s what’s important.

Cheikh Anta Diop confirmed, ” the human at its most advanced stage, at its peak of its present phase of evolution, came out of Africa to the people of other continents and merely underwent mutations or adaptions in other ecological zones.” This process is called monogenetic evolution in which all non-African Peoples are descendants of a small population of Africans who left Africa 100,000 to 50,000 years ago and settled all around the world. The originally African Peoples adapted to various climates in the regions in which they settled, thus changing phenotypic appearances resulting in different, “races.”

Gibson asks:

 Why is Mitochondrial Eve so important? Because she is the key to uncovering the truth that God was originally a Black Woman because the supreme maternal ancestor to all humanity, (Mitochondrial Eve) was a Black Woman. Originally the world’s  earliest civilizations believed in a Mother Goddess as their supreme deity.

Now there is a lot more to this AMAZING HER-story and again I suggest that you all purchase Joseph R. Gibson’s When God Was A Black Woman and Why She Isn’t Now

Source: Gibson, R. J. (2008). When God Was A Black Woman And Why She Isn’t Now. KITABU Publishing, Inc.


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