Uplifting Websites/Blogs/Social Media

This is a list of website,blogs, and social media that is uplifting to Black Women.

The Black Woman Is GOD, Facebook 

God Is A Black Woman, Facebook 

Black Woman Is God, Twitter 

Black Women Art! 

Unspoken Truth by Floyd Williams 

Unspoken Truth, Floyd Williams, Facebook 

The Black Woman Is My Standard of Beauty, Facebook 

The Official “Black Men Who Love Black Women” Club, Facebook 


National Black United Front

Black People Wake Up

Copper Colored Gal

Black Girl Long Hair

Napturally Curly

Black Women of the World Come In All Shades, Facebook

Black Past

Fed Up Black Woman

Real History World Wide

Rain Queens of Africa

Eugene “Edaw” Wade

Black Women, Run From Those Who Hate You, Facebook

House of Konciousness

The Black Woman’s Plight, Facebook

50 Shades Of Black

50 Shades of Black, Facebook

Beautiful In Every Shade

Beautiful In Every Shade, Facebook

Redefining The Face of Beauty

Big Beautiful Black Girls, Tumblr


8 thoughts on “Uplifting Websites/Blogs/Social Media

    1. I’ve just finished reading that story. I’m sooo proud of her! She’s on her way to doing great things! There is hope for our children.

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    1. Lol, Don’t be mad at me, bro *digital tears* You know that you are one of my top five favorite bloggers, one of the original bloggers that I first started reading when I actually signed on/created an account to wordpress. lol. I have a lot more websites and books to add to these list so please don’t feel left out…..please forgive me bro. *putting on the babyface*

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