The Concept of The Black Woman Is God


What does it mean when it is said that the Black Woman Is God? For the religious folks, it DOES NOT mean that the Black Woman is the creator of the heavens and the earth, so don’t get your panties or boxers in a bunch. It means that the Black Woman is the God, Creator, and Mother of ALL huemans (people of color; the word hue means to have color) and humans (people who do not have any color). Now that’s not racist so spare me with the “THAT’S RACIST!” bullshit. Now, moving on. Scientist have traced everyone’s DNA back to one African Woman, The REAL EVE, making the Black Woman a direct descendant of the Creator of the heavens and earth which is a GREAT BIG BLACK WOMAN (or some call her the GREAT BIG BLACK MAMMA). In the ancient world, the Creator was referred to “SHE” or “MOTHER GOD” and not “HE” or “FATHER GOD” as we have been taught to call the Creator in today’s time.

In The Real Eve, a 2002 documentary, scientist discusses the REAL EVE was a Black Woman that lived a couple of million years ago  who is the MOTHER OF US ALL. Her descendants  migrated out of all of Africa and across the planet.  Now, I wrote a post last month called Meet Your Mommy!: Mitochondrial Eve,  Mother of Us All! in which I discussed Mitochondrial Eve who is said to have lived between 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Some sources say that the REAL EVE lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago whereas some sources say a couple of million years ago. Now there is another African Woman named LUCY (whose remains were found in the African country of Ethiopia) who scientist say lived about 2 to 3 and a half million years ago. So I draw upon the conclusion that scientist are saying that there were TWO AFRICAN EVES, LUCY AND MITOCHONDRIAL EVE, WITH LUCY BEING MITOCHONDRIAL EVE’S PREDECESSOR. European scientist love to say that humans come from apes or monkeys. If you Google Lucy you will see pictures of her as a cross between human and ape. I WILL NEVER BELIEVE THE RACIST NOTION THAT PEOPLE COME FROM APES. PEOPLE COME FROM PEOPLE (I will be discussing this later in a part 2 of Meet Your Mommy!), but I had to explain that so that I won’t confuse you all.

The ancient peoples recognized since women carry babies for 9 months, give birth, and nurture them during the early stages of life,  women were identical to the universe. This is why the ancients created woman deities worshiping them and holding them in high esteem. Since the Black Woman is the Original Woman ALL woman deities are in her image. Therefore, the Black Woman was worshiped throughout the ancient world. Most of us have been taught in Sunday school that the woman descended from the man (i.e., Eve descended from Adam’s rib), but many scholars and scientist such as Metaphysician and Engineer Dr. Delbert Blair say otherwise. He states:

“To start this and give it practicality, we have to go back to a basic concept that some people are still not sure about. I state that woman had to have been created before man because you cannot get a man from a man and you cannot get a woman from a man. But you can get a man from a woman and a woman from a woman. Think about that.The penis is an elongated clitoris and the males testes are the woman’s descended ovum, now in cased within the scrotum of the male penis. The female fallopian tubes are nothing more than the male vas deferens or the urethra duct, which is both of the fallopian tubes joined together. The male prostate is nothing more than an atrophied womb. Every man has a mammary gland that goes along with it. Those mammary glands can lactate if titillated. The bobo urethra glands of the male are equal to the larger vestibular glands of the woman.”

Blogger newafrikan77 shared what he/she learned from an article about this subject:

According to an article I recently read, scientific research dealing with the X and Y chromosomes led scientists to believe women existed for generations without men:

Scientists today have discovered that the Y chromosome in sperm has 2.8 percent less genetic material than the X chromosome in the same sperm specimen. Researchers were able to sift sperm to produce samples in which 85 percent of the cells had an X chromosome.

In fact, the X chromosome is five times larger than the Y chromosome, which means that females existed for generations without males. To get the Y chromosome out of an X chromosome, you lose one of your points, thus the chromosome is defected, which is why a man has the same components on his body, that the woman does. For example, the bosom and Tips, however men don’t breastfeed. Men are a genetic defect of women. A woman not only breastfeeds her children, but she nurtures the whole world with her wisdom.

The Y chromosome comes from female scientists, as Ninti, known as Mother Ninti or Nunet, who experimented with the side of an X chromosome maiming it by removing 2.8 percent of X chromosomes. This resulted in a maimed lower right stem, giving the appearance of a Y, which produces less genetic materials, resulting in a Y chromosome, called chromosomal manipulation, a well known experiment today.

There have been many reports that suggests the black woman could have possibly created human civilization without the sperm of a man. Virgin births occurred more frequently in the ancient world but still occur today.

The British Medical Journal reported that one in two hundred U.S. women reported to have given birth without ever having sexual intercourse. The findings were based on a study of 7,870 women and girls aged 15 to 28, as part of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, which ran from 1995 to 2009.

Dr. Edward Bichoff M.D. started a theory called epigenesis in 1854. This theory suggests that the union of sperm and egg is the way humans are formed, the first trimester after conception. Dr. Blair says this was presented first as a theory and became a fact only after males who studied under males made it a fact.

I am going to stop right here for now. There is much more research out there about the concept of the Black Woman As God and the science is deeep, brothers and sisters. I will be doing more posts as I go along. For more information visit The Black Woman Is God (Documentary) or The Black Woman is God (Parts 1 through 10).


11 thoughts on “The Concept of The Black Woman Is God

  1. Wow!! That’s a captivating photo! This is some very controversial information. I know many people will not agree with the content. The Bible thumpers may take issue with some of But it’s all good though. Nothing wrong with healthy debates. Keeps us all on our toes.

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    1. You’re right. Many will take issue with this post. Especially now since the hate and contempt for BP and BW has reached a high level. Some people may say I’m closed minded, but some things are not debatable. There’s just overwhelming evidence supporting the fact that BP were the first, BW are the first women, BM are the first men, and our people’s incredible connection to nature and the Creator which makes us the God people.

      I don’t care for debates cause most debates between people get REALLY stupid, especially religious debates. Some people do not want to look at things from a different perspective they just keep going along with what they were taught because that is what they are comfortable with. The White Supremacists did a great job mis-educating the masses about EVERYTHING resulting in mass confusion that is so hard and sometimes nearly seem impossible to reverse.

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      1. Whites racist have brainwashed many of us. We don’t know our true history,wher we come from or our original language. We have to cleanse ourselves of a white mindset. We have become black zombies with a white mind. We must reject their notion of history and standards of beauty. Only then we can heal from the effects of the Maafa. All the debating gets old after awhile. We have to move away from the infighting if we want to move forward. We have to reject interracial dating,white his-story and white values. We are the real Gods on the planet. Everyone else came much,much……later. Then we will be on the path to TRUE liberation.

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  2. I agree. We need to RELEARN our history, language, heritage, and culture and teach it to our children. With all the info right at Black Peoples fingertips these days there is no excuse as to why we are to remain ignorant to who we are, our contributions to world history, and our status as the original people on this planet. We can’t rely on others to tell us and our children the truth about Black people cause the truth about us don’t benefit them.


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