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Was Shakespeare A Black Woman?

Have you ever heard of Emilia Lanier? Well, Emilia is believed by some to actually be the author of all of Shakespeare’s works!

Emilia was a very important woman for many reasons. First off she was said to be of dark complexion, she was of Venetian / Moroccan / Jewish descent. Her father was appointed to King Henry VIII’s court as a musician and although she illegitimate she was educated and became the first professional poet through her single volume of poems, Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (1611).

Emilia lived opposite the theatre district in London, she hung around in Shakespeare’s social circles. She was an accomplished poet and there are signs she may have been the author or at lest contributor of Shakespeare’s works. Watch the evidence presented below:

Of course, it’s not conclusive by any means. Snopes said the original meme was false ( but there is a lot of evidence that says that although the grand claims were not 100% right there could be a lot more to this story.

Emilia was likely mentioned in the Merchant of Venice and is very possibly the Dark Lady!




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Who was Bessie Coleman and why doez she still matter?

When I first read Bessie’s her-story I was so amazed and inspired! She’s an AMAZING HER-Story Making Sista!

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The first African American female to become a pilot, born on this day 125 years ago, remains an inspiration to many.

Coleman broke barriers and became the first African American woman to earn a pilot’s license [Wikimedia Commons]

Bessie Coleman was the first African-American female to become a licensed pilot in 1921. Defeating gender and racial prejudice, the then 29-year-old became a symbol for millions of women of colour at a time when African Americans were still battling segregation and fighting for equal rights across the country.

On Thursday, Coleman would have been 125 years old. To mark her birthday, Google paid homage to her with a Doodle on its homepage.

Who was Bessie Coleman?

Born on January 26, 1892. in Atlanta, Texas, Coleman grew up inspired by World War I stories and the famous Wright brothers, credited with building and flying the world’s first airplane.

Despite the obvious…

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