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Greetings! Brothers and Sisters, If it ain’t one battle it’s another. Straight to the point. I took time out to let you all know (if you don’t know already) that the free and open Internet is at risk of becoming extinct if we don’t act in some form or another. I got wind of this knowledge around New Year’s Eve when I was listening to one of  Prof. Griff and Zaza Ali’s latest weekly interviews on Brother Rich’s Underground Railroad Radio Talk Show  on Youtube (I’m sure some of you if not all are already familiar with this show). Prof. Griff mentioned some info about the fight to keep the Internet free and open called Net Neutrality; this REALLY got my attention.

Net neutrality means that your cell, cable, and internet connection services should treat all websites and services equally. Big corporations like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast want to treat websites and services differently so that they charge us more depending on what we use. Which means that using sites and services like Youtube, Skype, Email, Gaming, Facebook, etc will no longer be free to use! A simple task like sending an email to a friend could become a hassle. In addition, this is a THREAT to free speech, personal privacy, etc. According to the FCC (Federal Communication Commissions) will be voting on new net neutrality rules on February 26th (read it @ that may allow the big corporations to have their way!

I researched info on net neutrality and signed the petition at the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) website and I am asking you all to go to, read the information in more details, and sign the petition. They will also ask for your email address to receive updates about this and other battles going to protect civil liberties. Please pass this information along to as many people as possible; to other bloggers, to your followers, family, friends, co-workers, and others  ASAP. Other websites that have information (some others may have petitions too) are: Free Press: Save the Internet (, The Open Internet (, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (, and The White House ( Thank you!

*Please Note: The ACLU say that the FCC is supposed to vote at the end of this year, which I suppose as of Dec 31, 2014 meant the end of 2014, but people are still signing the petition**


Hypatia of Alexandria: Ancient Black Woman Scientific and Mathematical Genius, Inventor, and Women’s Rights Icon (350 or 370 A.D.?- March 415 A.D.)

Note: This post has been updated to include an artist’s  accurate depiction of Hypatia.

Hypatia was a very accomplished Ancient Egyptian Woman mathematician and scientist. Unfortunately, I could not include an actual picture of Hypatia because there are no pictures of her that have survived antiquity, however this is an artists’ depiction of what she would have looked like. She has been pictured in some high school algebra textbooks by Euro-centrist scholars as Greek, but we know how Europeans have stolen the identity of the Ancient Egyptians who were proven first by the writings of the Ancient Greeks themselves and then thousands of years later by renowned Pan-African scholar Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop’s melanin test as belonging to the Black/African race. Little is known about Hypatia’s birth and life. However, she is best known for her contributions to math and science and one of the many examples of the Ancient African World’s respect for Women’s Rights.

Hypatia was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Theon, her father was also famous mathematician. Hypatia never married. She held a chair in the Philosophy Department at the University of Alexandria. She taught math, physics, astronomy, and philosophy. She wrote and published many works; one a treatise called the Conics of Apollonius, Arithmetica a commentary about her fellow mathematician, Diophantus’ works, and commentaries on the works of Euclid and Ptolemy who preceded her in the fields of math and science.

Hypatia’s student, Synesius of Cyrene, North Africa gives her credit for inventing an apparatus to distill water and measuring liquid levels. Author Caroline Herzburg describes Hypatia as, “One of the universal geniuses of antiquity, and the last great woman scientist of antiquity.” Hypatia’s death was tragic. At the time of her death Alexandria was under the rule of Roman Christendom. Because she did not convert to Christianity due to her position as a renowned leader of non-Christian thought, Hypatia was viciously murdered in 415 A.D. by Christian fanatics who dismembered her body and scraped the flesh from her bones. According to Beatrice Lumpkin, “If it had a been the other way around, death by a non-Christian mob, Hypatia would have been beatified and elevated to sainthood.”

Hypatia was one example of Women’s Rights and Equality in Ancient Egypt as well as across Ancient Africa. Prior to European influence, most if not all African societies were matrilineal instead of patrilineal as they are today. Now this did not mean that Black Women were domineering and controlling Black Men as some have misconstrued (starting with the Greeks and Romans) throughout millenia. Power was equally shared between men and women, there was equal educational opportunities, equal work for equal pay, equal legal and property rights.There is physical evidence in tombs and written evidence on papyri detailing equality for women. For example, writer Barbara Lesko after observing the wall of private tombs in Deir-el-Bahri in which men and women worked together in various occupations summarized, “Four thousand years ago, women in the Nile Valley enjoyed more legal rights and privileges than women have in many nations of the world today. Equal pay for equal work is a cry heard now, but seems to have been the norm thousands of years ago in Egypt.”

Greek men like Herodotus and Diodorus who were in and around Egypt at the time were surprised to find how Black Men and Women ruled alongside each other. They were surprised that Egyptian Men didn’t mind that Egyptian Women had just as much power if not more than the men.They didn’t understand that this was because Ancient African Cultures had great respect for the African Woman. To the contrary, Greek women were not allowed to travel about freely without a male escort or as the Greeks called them at the time “kourios”. Greek women were also not allowed to rule along side the Greek men, denied educational opportunities, no equal work for equal pay, no equal legal and property rights, and many other rights that Egyptian and other African Women enjoyed.

Although Hypatia has not been beatified and elevated to status of martyrdom the Ancient Egyptian way, she is a martyr and an inspiration to me (as I am sure for many other women and girls who already know or who may come to know her story) and for women and girls everywhere who may want to enter the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields,  fields in which  women are desperately needed, especially Black Women, but is discriminatory because of today’s European, anti-woman patriarchal society.

I Salute this AMAZING HER-story making Sista!

Source: From the Essay, Hypatia and Women’s Rights in Ancient History by Beatrice Lumpkin from Black Women In Antiquity edited By Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

Quote of the Day


“I don’t care where you are in your life right now Blackwoman. I don’t care at what level in this society you may currently be, but you have already been declared a “Goddess” by nature. Are you listening? “You” have already been declared a divine “Goddess” by nature…a “Goddess”! You are already an heir to the throne, and the legacy of Divine Ancient Royalty is in the very blood that courses through your veins, at this very moment. See, regardless to who and what you may think yourself to be “you” have automatically been declared a “Queen Goddess Blackwoman”, simply from your birthright. “The Mother of Civilization”! This is your true nature!”-Akil

Source: Akil, The Goddess Blackwoman: Mother of Civilization, The Preface

Meet Your Mommy!: Mitochondrial Eve, Mother of Us All!

Mitochondrial Eve

This is our Mommy, Mitochondrial Eve. Dr. Ishakamusa Baranshango states, “Mitochondrial Eve refers to more than one woman, a group of women, several thousand with the same strand of mitochondrial DNA”.   According to Newsweek:

Mitochondrial Eve is believed to have lived between 100,000 to 200,000 years ago and is the common woman ancestor of all  huemans and humans. Evidence show that Mitochondrial Eve lived within the sub-Saharan region of Africa.  Mitochondrial Eve is described as being the most “fruitful,” meaning that her genes are present within all huemans and humans today. Mitochondrial Eves’ descendants left Africa and ventured out into and settled in other parts of the world around 90,000 to 180,000 years ago. Mitochondrial Eve’s descendants are said to have been “endowed” with “special advantages” that other early humans did not have, which allowed them to populate the earth and leave their genetic marker via Mitochondrial Eve.

There it is! This is part of WHO YOU ARE Black Woman/African Woman. This is Your importance and status on planet earth from a scientific perspective. This explains why the Black/African Woman was chosen by God, herself and Nature as THE ORIGINAL WOMAN WITH THE ORIGINAL WOMB. It is YOUR womb, that according the the ancients is the most sacred and  created and birthed ALL Peoples and nations on planet earth.



Baranshango, I. (1989, December) Afrikan Woman, The Original Guardian Angel. IVth Dynasty Publishing Company, Washington D.C. p. 38.

Newsweek 111 (Jan 11, 1988): 46-52.

Why I Created This Blog

I am The Original Black Woman 13. I created this blog as a counter to the relentless and ongoing psychological warfare via the media against the psyche of the African (Black) Woman. This attack on the African Woman’s character, mind, image, and body didn’t began a few years ago, a few months ago, a few years ago, or a few decades ago. It began when Africans came into contact with the Europeans hundreds of years ago.

Because of the demonization of the African Woman some Black Women deal  with it by becoming angry (which is a defense mechanism and is understandable within an anti-black people, anti-black woman society), some slip into depression and despair coupled with feelings of inferiority, worthlessness, and many Black Women internalize this inferiority complex by becoming self-hating or anti-self. Black Women have made TREMENDOUS contributions and achievements to world history and civilizations for thousands of years before Europeans came into existence, but our contributions like that of Black (African) people as a whole are hidden from us and suppressed by the global system of white supremacy (racism) in order to keep us in a state of feeling inferior to white women/people. The white supremacist media is continuously at work to  and brainwash Black Women (and girls), Black men (and boys), and everybody else via television, radio, books, magazines, social media, and other forms of mass media coupled with the infamous European standard of beauty that Black women are worthless, undesirable, and unbeautiful compared to non-Black non-African Women.  Examine the 2 before and after pictures below:


This is Irene Major, former model from Cameroon, West Africa and wife of Canadian oil tycoon, Sam Malin. Major admitted last year that she spends thousands of dollars in skin lightning cremes because she feels “prettier” in light skin. Her sister also commented about this disturbing trend among many African women in which they feel pressured to conform to Euro standards of beauty and that rich African Men tend to marry light or white women. I’m not judging this sista, but its just SO SAD how this is affecting women in the African Diaspora and how we so desperately need to learn and know our history. Sistas are destroying their beautiful melanated skin because of the constant message that “lighter is better.” This psychological warfare against the African Woman is a THREAT to Black Women and Girls physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We must take steps to protect ourselves one being is to learn WHO WE ARE; no. I’m not talking about  your name, address, or where each one of us are from but our historical significance, presence, and status on planet earth.

This blog is my individual effort to share knowledge about the historical status, contributions, and achievements of Black Women from ancient times to the present. Learning OURSTORY will help Black Women to survive and build a defense mechanism against anti-Black Woman attacks online and offline. I’ve spoken with, read the experiences, and heard Black Women say that once they learn OUR TRUE STORY they have a new sense of pride and esteem and they no longer feel inferior or worthless. Black women must rise up and reclaim our identity, history, and culture for ourselves and for our people. I AM, WE ARE EVERY WOMAN!


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