America doesn’t care if scores of black and brown girls are missing unless we tell them to, and that’s what’s wrong

Thanks to you and the other brothas who are posting about this.


Young girl holding skateboard and preparing for a ride

In a world where what you are brings certain advantages that some others don’t have based on the society they live in, people want to point out the unfairness that comes with it. In many cases, we bring up ‘what if’ questions if it happened to the ones not so ‘privileged’ to point out double standard bullshit, and it will continue until changes are made that brings the same about of respect and dignity to everyone and not just a select few.

The uproar over reports of numerous missing black and brown girls in Washington D.C. is one of those cases where we point out that if they were white girls from middle and upper class neighborhoods, the media and criminal justice system would be in a frenzy telling the country to give several damns, develop feelings over the crisis and help find them. But it takes a considerable effort to…

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