Quote of the Day

“White Beauty Standards Are Contemptuous Of ALL Women. Would a culture that truly values its females create a beauty standard that demoralizes and penalizes them? The answer is clear: it does not value them; but in fact, secretly despises, even hates them. This contempt is obvious, given the widespread slaughter of white females for entertainment and for profit in television, movies, and in real life. The white supremacy “beauty standards” actually demonstrate MORE contempt for white females than admiration. A culture that promotes a media-manufactured body ideal — tall, long-legged, blonde, and bone-thin with zero-body-fat (a boy’s body) — that drives white girls and women to literally starve themselves to death is ANTI-WOMAN — not woman-loving OR woman-respecting. This is NOT about empathizing with whites, who are victims by their OWN HAND. This is NOT about empathizing with white females who use the same racist standards to elevate themselves above non-white females. This is about exposing the BLATANT CONTRADICTIONS of a white beauty standard that even the WHITE CREATORS cannot measure up to.”-The Beauty Con Game, Chapter 6, p. 56


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