The Black Woman

Another powerful and truthful black woman empowerment post! Thanks, sis!

From The Mind of Truthangel


Whether her hair is curly or straight, it’s the meaning of why she chooses to BE who she is; and represent her majesty within her creation, that defines the divinity of her being, which matters.

The Black Woman has a natural air of regal and ethereal aura about them.  It’s evident no matter where she goes.

Sometimes, when watching some sisters walk; they appear to glide–movements smooth, light and free as the wind.

I’m listening to Erykah Badu as I type this.

The title was inspired by her new mix-tape, Caint Use My Phone coming out…and then the words flowed.  Then the bass really amped up and like a song, I began to spit verse.

Black women are divine beings in flesh.  We are not to be compared to other women because we are the first creation of femininity.  Everything about us is to inspire and set the example.  That’s…

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