The Black Queen! Respect Her or Else!

Very powerful and truthful post!

From The Mind of Truthangel


When you look into the eyes of most Black women, the power that is in those eyes is real.  So powerful, some can be brought to fear  and tears when gazing into them.  That power comes from the inner knowledge of being the earth’s first mothers and queens.  From the womb of a Black woman, ALL HUMAN LIFE evolved.

Black women have been indicted for their strength.  We are the only females on the globe that outperform and are more educated than our male counterparts.  However, the difference in Black women is that we do not use this to emasculate Black men.  It is necessary for us to be high achievers because it makes absolute economic sense to do so.  But the “strong” preface is what really gets to many and their seems to have been a campaign of sorts, meant to indict and weaken, this formidable representative of female…

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