I’m Not In The Least Bit Interested In What Stupid, Fat Old White Men Have To Say……..

When I checked my comments notification this morning; this comment was awaiting moderation regarding this post from a poster named SLUMP 57 who described himself as a stupid old fat white man:

“Where is the evidence that the first representation of modern humans was “black”? How do we know that “black” was not an adaptation of this first modern human from a different color? How do we know that while black was evolving, that at the same time white and other colors were not also evolving? There is no genetic evidence that the first human was of any “race”. And, why would it matter what race if there was any of that first upright being to which we are all related. Is this an attempt to suggest any race is superior to another? Would whites be superior to blacks if it was found the first upright human-like ancestor was white? No. Pseudo science generally starts with a premise and then shapes the information to prove an opinion is truth. We’re all the same. This is true. What makes us different is nurture/culture, not nature. I’m a stupid old fat white man, but I am no different than you.”

As you probably guessed this comment pissed me the fuck off and  was trashed and deleted permanently. I already moderate my comment sections and if I have to I will implement a comment policy.  I created this blog as a safe space for Black Women and Girls to be educated and empowered in an anti-black/anti-black misogynist society. I will not tolerate attempts to  debate the huemanity and feminity of the first human being and woman on this planet, the original black woman. THE FEMINITY AND HUEMANITY OF THE ORIGINAL BLACK WOMAN IS UN-DEBATABLE!

This has already been proven by white peoples’ own white scientist and anthropologist; there’s nothing to prove cause it’s already been proven. Whenever Black Women and Black People unapologetically declare our huemanity and feminity  (and for Black Men masculinity) in addition to being indigenous to this planet white people get angry and come with their reverse psychology games talking that “we’re all the same and we’re all one” bullshit. I’m not buying what their trying to sell and I’m hip to white peoples’ psychological games.

Let me warn any new readers or lurkers like SLUMP57 that anyone who try to come up in here with this anti-black racist, anti-black misogynist shit THAT YOU WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED! I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC ANTI-BLACK, ANTI-BLACK MISOGYNIST RHETORIC…… AND I MEAN THAT!


5 thoughts on “I’m Not In The Least Bit Interested In What Stupid, Fat Old White Men Have To Say……..

  1. That’s why on my blogs I won’t allow comments on my sections because I too choose to. I opened a few months ago only to see a dumbass bitch insulted because of a blog I wrote about a couple adopting an Asian kid who were Australians. I really up for debate, not for insults. At least this guy didn’t use expletives as a form of expression like many of the readers who do just “to make a point.”

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    1. I feel you sis, lol. On my blog I’m not up for debate because I’m too busy educating and empowering. I feel nothing is up for debate on mine. This is why you don’t find me debating.

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