Some Thoughts For The Day

Before you all get into reading my latest whopping 10 posts; I would like to share my thoughts. I usually would post thoughts like this on my other blog fighting misogynoir,  but I decided that I would post it here since this relates to some upcoming posts that I will be doing more of here on this blog. My heart breaks (like a thousand times a week) every time I hear or read Black Women and Girls make statements such as this:

Is it bad that I sometimes feel envious or sub-par compared to lighter skinned women or non-black women? I think I look nice, I’ve had other people tell me that I was pretty or beautiful, but I don’t feel really beautiful, I always feel like I’m somewhat invisible to beauty because of me being Black. It’s like with lighter skin or not being Black, that’s automatically points given to your beauty, it’s a default. Even though I know other races copy us, its hard mentally to actually believe that.

I’m sooo sick and  tired ya’ll, so tired of my sistas and little sistas (next generation of Black Women) feeling this way. Black Women and Girls shouldn’t even have to feel this way. Black Women and Girls are feeling this way because of this anti-black, anti-woman society and media that constantly send us messages from the cradle to the grave that we are not important and that our lives don’t matter. The physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional attack on Black Women and Girls are at an all time high. Black Women are in position (have always been) where we constantly have to defend our huemanity and femininity (especially to members of our own community and or race), which is deeply, deeply disturbing. No one shouldn’t have to prove their masculinity or femininity and humanity to other human beings, but this has always been the case for Black Women and Black People.  I know that I’m not the first or the last to declare a state of emergency for Black Women and Girls.

Some of us know why there is sooo much hatred spewed at Black Women and Girls, but I’m not going to get into that here. If you don’t understand why,  read here and here.   I created this blog to educate, empower, and help build the self-esteem of Black Women and Girls. To let big sistas and little sistas know that we are indeed very,very important as the first human beings and first women on the planet. Sometimes I feel like giving up cause a lot of Black Women and Girls STILL don’t know or see our beauty, grace, TREMENDOUS contributions, and historical significance, but with encouragement from myself and you all, I must I must keep going. All of this hatred being thrown our way makes me more and more determined to educate, empower and rebuild the self-esteem of the Original Black Woman. This is why I hope to one day complete a doctorate in history and become a history teacher to teach our young Black Boys and Girls that being Black is NOT a curse, but beautiful, a blessing and a gift. We need knowledge more now than ever.

With all that said, I will be stepping up my game; posting more pics of Black Women and Girls (on the regular) in all our beauty and glory; all shapes and sizes and skin tones. I will be working to eliminate this very narrow view of what black beauty is that racist Hollywood has created and what the Black Community has accepted; light skin, long hair and other euro-like features. In addition, the Black Community has it’s own narrow view of beauty that somewhat mirrors Hollywood’s standard; long hair, light skinned, big booty. All of us are not light skin or have big booties. Trying to fit society’s ridiculous standards of how women should look drives women and girls bat shit craazy! I will be posting pics of BBBWs (Big Beautiful Black Women), thick and curvy Black Women, medium size and skinny Black Women from dark and lovely to the light bright to damn near white sistas, tomboy black girls, nerdy black girls, alternative black girls, gothic black girls. All kinds of sistas! I’ve got a lotta work to do……………………………………………………………!


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