Throwback Thursdays: The Original Black Woman Edition

En Vogue (All Of Their Greatest Hits, Full Album)


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: The Original Black Woman Edition

  1. I loved En Vogue back in the day. In the 90’s it was al about En Vogue,TLC,SWV,702,Total and Xscape. Those were my favorite female groups. But EnVogue had some huge hits. I loved those ladies. I liked Dawn Robinson,Terry Ellis and Maxine Jones. And of course Cindy! My barber actually knows a friend of Cindy’s. A family friend of Cindy’s passed away last year. My barber invited me to go to the funeral. And I saw Cindy there in person. She walked right by me. It was a very sad occasion of course. But Cindy looked even prettier in person. Hard to believe she’s 54 years old. I was a but star struck. But it was cool to see her.

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    1. The 90s was the decade of the Black Woman. Sistas was dominating the charts! I’m gonna need for you to build us a time machine so we could go back, LOL!

      I bet that’s one of the best things about living in Cali; you get to meet stars, lol. Cindy and the rest of En Vogue still look great; they could pass for 20-something still again the AMAZING beauty of the Original Black Woman.

      Another thing, I think that you posted a comment and link about Grace Jones putting kim k in her place, but I can’t find it. Could you find it for me when you get some time. I need to know the tea on that, lol!

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      1. That was an great article. Lol, Grace is right, Kim is basic. She has offered NO contribution to society.


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