President Obama’s Speech Highlighting The Plight of the Original Black Woman

I haven’t been too awfully impressed with the president lately, but his speech where he highlights the many contributions, achievements, struggles, and challenges of Original Black Woman in America and asking that there be more focus on the Black Woman’s  plight really impressed me. He’ gets 10-star rating from me. Gone are the days of ignoring the plight of the Original Black Woman. I’m proud of you Mr. President!


5 thoughts on “President Obama’s Speech Highlighting The Plight of the Original Black Woman

  1. Not bad. That was a pretty good speech. He talked about the struggles of black women and how they fought for equal rights. I’m kind of impressed. But then again he’s always been good at speeches. The question now is…what is he going to do to change the plight of black women? What will he do to uplift black women? And the black community as a whole? We shall see.

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      1. Yeah I hear you. But I agree with Kelley. It’s long overdue. Isn’t it funny how he says this when he’s leaving next year?lol I guess he figures what the hell! I’m leaving anyway! I might as well say something with some


  2. I agree with you both. He is spot on with the topics he discussed and I appreciate that, but this speech is long overdue. I understand that he can’t tackle it all as one man or at once but this would have been amazing to hear a few years ago in like 2008 maybe. Plus some consistent action behind it and we might not have lost so many during his presidency. We shouldn’t have had to wait for that exposure of social media and body cameras to address the injustice system.

    I liked it, nonetheless. He’s very charismatic.


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