The Most Offensive Paintings On The Internet……and the “Community” Loves It!

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I hate to have to interrupt my most recent postings on black woman greatness, but I just had to vent about the most disrespectful paintings (pictured above) from a “Black” boy “artist” on twitter.
I am enraged!!! This is the up-most disrespect and disregard toward the original black woman! This is misogynoir with a side of respectability politics with a side of he’s a jackass on top to the fullest extent! The “artist” of these paintings say that he is “representing how women sell their souls for money and material possession.”  So men (including Black Men) don’t sell their souls for money and materials possessions too? and Black Women are the only ones who sell their soul for money and material possessions? is some of the questions that sensible Black people were asking him. One commenter posted, “White men don’t portray their women as dogs even though some of them actually fuck dogs.” That comment was marked as “made unavailable,” but  these paintings won’t be because this is how society, including the Black “community” sees Black Women. Trust and believe that! Society and now (sadly) the Black “community” had reduced the Black Woman to the status of a dog. MISOGYNOIR IS REAL!
“This is Art!” “Well, it’s the truth!” “Well, this is how Black Women are!” “Why are you mad!” (the disregard of our feelings) and  “If it had been a white woman would it have been better, would you have said anything then?” is some of the comments Negroes were making and mind you I bet some of these Negroes call themselves “conscious” Black People. Hell to the fucking no he would not have drawn a white woman cause society and the Black “community” consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously sees ONLY Black Women as society’s “whores.” Oh nooo you can’t portray the “innocent” “pure” “precious” white woman like that! *eye roll* And I told his ass that too! In addition, a lot of Black Women was co-signing this trash and see nothing wrong with it! Many Black Women have internalized white supremacy’s  stereotypes and misogynoir towards Black Women……..internalized misogynoir! SO VERY SAD!
This is the shit Black Women are angry about (and we have a right to be), can’t get basic human respect from society much less our own “community”.  At this point, I don’t just know what Black Women can do to stop or at least minimize the blatant disrespect and disregard for our femininity and huemanity.
One of TrojanPam’s (she’s the blogger of racism (white supremacy)) reader’s gave a link to the trash, but I decided not to post it here cause I don’t wanna five the nigga any more clicks, however TrojanPam gave the following response: 

Sad, indeed. It is what I fear has happened to many of the younger generation after a LIFETIME of white supremacist entertainment where black females are the most common targets of degradation.

And even sadder is the young black female who sees nothing wrong with the paintings. So many black females have internalized the mountain of hatred and contempt heaped on our heads on a daily basis that we’ve begun to think it is normal for black females to be degraded.

AND even sadder than that is this young black male is probably EATING AND LIVING OFF SOME BLACK FEMALE LIKE HIS MOMMA like so many that i know of all ages

grandma, momma, wife, girlfriend, sister, auntie, friend, the list is endless of the black females who are feeding and housing males and financing males both in and out of prison who do not even like black females

to me that is the HEIGHT OF INSANITY and DISHONOR — to degrade the same person who is responsible for your SURVIVAL. I must be blunt, I have zero respect for such a person regardless of his “confusion” level.

He or she is not so confused that they don’t know where to go to get a meal or shelter or money on their (prison) books.

This is why it is so important that black adults SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT RACISM

and for black females to RAISE OUR STANDARDS FOR WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR from those who depend on us

No respect, you get NOTHING


13 thoughts on “The Most Offensive Paintings On The Internet……and the “Community” Loves It!

  1. This is disgusting and disgraceful!! This so called artist is full of SH*T!! he should be ashamed of himself. These black men are NOT conscious at all. These are self hating negro coons! They are an embarrassment. And so are these dumb ass black women that co-sign this crap. These black men make it hard out here for the brothers that love our sistas and want to uplift them. We want to see our black women do better and carry themselves in a better light. Yes we know there are black women who act like whores and sluts and sell their souls for money. And yes there are black men who sell out as well. But isn’t there a better way to get your point across? I understand what he was trying to say but this was the wrong thing to draw. There are better ways to do it. If I was to draw a painting lik this it would have been a white woman. Since they are the original sluts of the world. But I understand it still would’ve offended people. But putting black women in such a horrible light is unforgivable. This “artist” is a f*cking clown! And not to be taken seriously. I think some of these guys do this to get a reaction. They know damn well this is offensive. They just want to get people talking and get a little shine for their “art work”. This guy is a LOSER! Nothing a little punk that wants attention.

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