Real Talk!!!!……On The Double Standards of Female Sexuality

“Amber Rose cannot be virtuous, pure, or carefree. She is not given the right to twerk, date, fuck, or party and still be seen as a good mother (because respectable nuclear family boxes be damned still frame what’s good and what’s not…). Amber Rose is not given the license to be sexual and still be able to reach the levels of capitalistic and classist access to whiteness and palatability that Kim Kardashian can. Kim Kardashian being half Armenian does not negate her privilege and access to whiteness. Amber’s white-passing Blackness does not read as acceptable as Kim’s white passing presentation does. Amber Rose’s racial ambiguity does not strip her of being seen as Black, and therefore less than. Kim being a white-passing woman of color does not change the fact that Blackness is associated with hyper-sexuality, hypo-femininity, dirtiness, and worthlessness. Amber Rose is marked — she’s imagined as Black… the ho that you can never turn into a housewife. But Kim Kardashian is imagined as white (or at least white-passing)… a business woman that uses her sexual agency to create a successful empire.
Ashleigh Shackelford, Clap Back: Why I’m Here for Amber Rose and Black Women’s Sexual Agency
(via ashleighthelion)

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