Quotes of the Day

“I hate that the only praise black women receive is for being labor workers for other people’s issues or the community. “This is why I love black women” **shows pics of black women protesting** or “I love black women because they take care of us, defend us, even when we don’t do it for them” I don’t like any of this and no I don’t take pride in being seen as some machine. I want black women to be seen as human beings with feelings. I want black women to be loved and appreciated for everything good and bad like everyone else is, not just when it comes to what we can do for you. That fucking sucks and it’s not something to wear as a badge of honor.” 

“White men and misogynoir…

White men need to be called out for their misogyny that specifically targets black women and girls.

The comments from that Body building forum are a prime example of white male misogynoir.

They’re often right up the comments laughing at the comments made towards black women.

They get on my nerves!”

“I don’t care for slander towards unconventional black beauties, masculine black women and hood black women. What are they doing to harm society, other than people thinking they make someone look bad? I’m sorry these black women do not exist to make you look good, they’re not props, they’re human beings with the freedom to exist without persecution and ridicule.”

“If you are a black/brown woman and you must watch Straight Outta Compton, bootleg is always a better option than supporting colorism and erasure.”-From FedUpBlackWoman, Tumblr


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