Beside Me, Bitch, You Could Never Be A Star!



Afro queen by mojjamn

What the fuck you mean, my butt’s too big?
Why the hell are you coming at me with a wig?

I am Black, goddamn it and I am proud of my ass.
It’s not flat as a pancake and I shake it with sass.

My hair’s my crowning glory, so thick and so full.
I’m not a sheep to be sheared; I love my Black wool.

My lips were made for kissing and perfectly formed.
If you think I hate myself, then you are seriously misinformed.

Go to hell, all you haters; your lies can’t touch me.
I am what you are not and what you can never hope to be.

You try and sell me your looks to make me hate my own.
But you can kiss my Black ass because I love my skin tone.

I love the curves of my body; I’m not just angles and bones

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3 thoughts on “Beside Me, Bitch, You Could Never Be A Star!

  1. Black women come from a history of being fierce warriors, strong mothers, and beautiful, powerful women, the likes of which white women could only truly aspire to be. They have been coddled and placed on a pedestal. Protected from the real world.

    They have never been warriors. The don’t have the strength, as they are pure weakness throughout their core. Imagine an army of white women marching into Africa to do battle with the great warrior Queens of Ethiopia. They would have been crushed, destroyed, or enslaved within short order. White women have always been a protected class because of their weaknesses. They needed to be placed on a pedestal to survive.

    While being great warriors, we were also the mother’s of the world. White women only hope to reach our level, but they will never be able. We are the real women of the world, while they are just a weak interpretation.


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