To All My Readers and Followers…………

Well, I have been blogging since January and it’s over half way through 2015. Time flies when you’re blogging and having fun doing it! I would like to thank you all for supporting my blog and engaging in insightful and enlightening dialogue on the many different profiles with me about the greatness of Black Women. I enjoy having you all as my readers and followers and apart of my what I call “blogging family”. Today, I am launching a new blog called Fighting Misogynoir which will be focusing on the Black Woman’s intersectional struggle with racism white supremacy, misogynoir (anti-black misogyny), and colorism. The subject of Black Women’s struggle with misogynoir moves is often ignored. I have become aware and more passionate about this subject in the last one and half year and I was moved to create a separate blog speaking on the subject. I have posted a few articles on this blog relating to misogynoir, but I have decided to create a separate blog in which that is the sole subject. I will be posting enlightening articles from various Black woman-centered feminist/womanist blogs plus some with my own thoughts and perspectives on the subject regularly about how this affects Black Women and Girls the world over. I don’t agree with every thing that is said within these articles (I’m sure you may not either), but they bring home the main points about the Black Woman’s plight under the system of racism white supremacy. Currently, I have for to five articles already posted and will be posting more very soon (today). I will be posting regularly. So when you all get some good time, I would like you all to click on the link above and take your time checking out the blog. Don’t worry I’m definitely not going to stop blogging on this blog. I’ll just have two blogs, in fact I think I may create another one in the future centering around the history of ALL black people, LOL! Thank you, much love!


6 thoughts on “To All My Readers and Followers…………

  1. As a Black woman, I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work and the effort that goes into posting about the myriad of issues that we face on a daily basis.

    I look forward to heading over to this latest blog of yours!

    And again, thank you, for ALL that you do!

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