A Powerful Video! Brother Polight Explains Why He Teaches the Black Woman Is God

From BlackMagik363


5 thoughts on “A Powerful Video! Brother Polight Explains Why He Teaches the Black Woman Is God

  1. Polight is a very intelligent dude. He does great interviews. He also has some beautiful wives as well.lol I have a few of his books and I’ve learned quite a lot from him. Some brothers like him….some don’t. I think some brothers don’t like him saying the black woman is GOD so much because they feel the black man is left out. Nothing wrong with uplifting the sistas but the question left is……Is the Black man GOD as well? I see God as an all powerful deity but God as two aspects. The male principle and female principle. You can’t have one without the other. The problem is we have men and women trying to uplift one OVER the other. By saying ONLY this gender is GOD…the other one is irrelevant. I don’t agree with that type of thinking. You need both halves to make the whole. So how can one be God and other not God also?? Doesn’t make sense to me.

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    1. More often than not, I have heard black people teach that the Black Man is God more often than the Black Woman Is God aka NOI. Now I bet some of these brothas that have a problem with Polight saying “The Black Woman Is God” don’t have a problem with anyone saying “The Black Man Is God.” I’ve seen them say under the videos that “The Black Man Is God, not the Black Woman.” Many people regardless have a problem with people saying that God is a woman (especially a Black Woman) and usually it’s from a place of patriarchy and misogyny (white men started this mess). However, I agree with you 100% that God has two aspects: The female and the male principles making the Black Man and Woman God. Some Black scholars do teach it from that perspective.


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