The Biggest Lie Ever Told!

Great post! Apology NOT ACCEPTED!!!


dr dre

Straight Outta Compton;
 the biggest lie ever told.
Gloss over the truth
and the public is sold.

Offer an apology,
 why don’t you Dr. Dre?
It’s so late in coming.
Did fame get in the way?

Beating up on women
can be overlooked.
What’s a little abuse
 when the matinée  is booked?

No ho can steal the thunder
 of Niggers With Attitude
  making money for the man.
 Who needs their gratitude?

When we tell our story
 who will fill in the blanks
 about the women that got beaten;
 those hos, bitches and skanks?

Sell-outs rule the day
from Compton in L.A.
to the District of Columbia,
 and all across the U.S.A.

Get with the program,
it’s all about getting paid.
If the bitches come around
they know, they gone get laid.

If she stepped outta line,
she got beat just like a man
by a nigger with an attitude.
And now…

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2 thoughts on “The Biggest Lie Ever Told!

    1. He tells a lot of truth. However, I don’t agree with him about the Michel’le and Dee Barnes all of a sudden talkin about this. I can understand that Michell’le was scared; women are a lot of times scared to punish their abusers and the incident with Dee was public, people just decided not to talk about it cause it was Dr. Dre. If it have had a been talked about during the 90’s and early 2000’s would anyone have listened? People don’t pay Black Women NO ATTENTION when we talk about violence and misogynoir.


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