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7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Nice quote. But let me tell you,it’s an uphill battle. I have been insulted many time by brothers. I’ve been called a simp,mangina and homo for defending sistas. And when I say we need gender roles in our society sistas attack me for being a backwards thinking caveman,accused of bashing black woman,following white supremacy etc. I get from both sides. Makes you want to just throw in the towel sometimes. It’s not easy for us “Hotep n*ggas”.lol

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    1. Yes, I know it is. It’s sad that defending Black Women is seen as a weakness in a Black Man. A REAL MAN PROTECTS AND DEFEND HIS WOMAN. What happened to this concept in the black community? Now mind you I bet you $20 these same Negro males that have said that to you defended Rachel Dolezal. lol. I’m seeing that defending the oppressor’s daughter ( both men and women) is rampant in the bc while black women and girls are constantly thrown under the bus. As far as gender roles, we need to get back to Ancient African practices on that. In ancient African societies there was true gender equality: the man and the woman ruled along side each other, equal work for equal pay, etc. It’s just astounding how backwards Black people have become. Many of us have become the oppressor him and herself. smdh


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