Quotes of The Day

“NWA’s sentiments about police brutality were adequate. The rest of what they stood for sucked. Deal with it. How can you say you don’t condone misogynoir and violence while at the same time excusing the men who perpetuate it by saying they were more than that as if misogynoir is a minor flaw and claim we are slandering their pathetic fraudulent film by not liking how the story was portrayed?

I don’t know why people are tripping. NWA had one song on police brutality, one about why we can say nigga and non-blacks can’t, and another on anti-black classism (prejudice against or in favor of people belonging to a particular social class), and that one still managed to incorporate misogynoir in it. Yet people herald them as giving a voice to the black community when they just gave a voice to many cishet (heterosexual black men who were born black men; not transgender) black men and those who align with them. The dudes got one or two things right about anti-black racism and they’re forever heroes to the black community. I mentioned KRS and Public Enemy because they also made socially aware songs (more than NWA actually) and didn’t resort to misogynoir to seem hardcore. It would be one thing if NWA wrote those lyrics and their lifestyles contradicted them, but they didn’t. So that’s why we are calling them out. Motherfuck them.”-The Melancholy Black Woman, Tumblr


3 thoughts on “Quotes of The Day

  1. Very true words! Hard to disagree with her. Sometimes the truth hurts. We all want to celebrate the fact that the film made over $50 million over the weekend. But what are we really celebrating?? Acting like thugs? Portraying criminals? Disrespecting black women? Something the masses of black people need to think about.

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  2. Yes! Call em out! I still have no desire to see it. A friend told me that it’s a must because I’m from l.a., it’ll make me so proud to be from l.a. and proud to see how far music has come. But from what I have seen, heard and read, it seems as if it’ll do just the opposite.


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