Black Girls Don’t Get Trafficked or Sexually Abused…

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...

I put a search into google for “Black girls,” hoping to find something positive, but one of the first searches that came up was this headline “Teen Sex Slave Diary: Epstein Didn’t Want Black girls.” I had not heard of Epstein or this unfortunate incident, but apparently he is an American financier who slept with teenage girls repeatedly. Now, this man is a sexual predator, so I was wondering why the media felt it necessary to highlight his racial preference as it pertains to preying on young women and girls. I did a google search and sure enough, this story was plastered in various social media outlets in the UK and it was a pretty popular article.

Very bizarre. What was so astounding about this man’s racial preferences as a sexual predator?

I then thought, isn’t it sad that in a country where 40% of women trafficked for sex are Black that we…

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