Some Quotes On Straight Outta Compton Black Women Need To Really Think About

“If you are a black/brown woman and you must watch Straight Outta Compton, bootleg is always a better option than supporting colorism and erasure.”

“Black women still want to support Straight out of Compton? Like, I don’t know what to say anymore. We just don’t give a fuck do we sistas? **smh**”

“Black women, can we not put money into the pockets of those who alienate us, discriminate against us or slander us? How hard is it to save those coins sis?'”-From FedUpBlackWoman


5 thoughts on “Some Quotes On Straight Outta Compton Black Women Need To Really Think About

  1. Here’s a great article on the film. Some of you might like it.
    While I have not yet made up my mind if I will see this movie or not, I must admit that my decision will not be based as much on “principle” as far as standing against what this movie represents, as much as it will be a part of an ongoing withdrawal of spending money in the white economy whenever possible. While blacks lack the complete infrastructure to completely withdraw from the white economy, or any other economy that is, in some way, hostile toward blacks in general or in a specific nature, it is important to spend wisely in other economies.

    While I don’t believe that either of the pieces of content listed below has the depth and detail to sustain its assertion, I am more than certain that they each can stand on their own as the foundation for more in-depth research into the matter. However, for someone to put in the necessary effort and time, they would have to have a mindset that the outcome would have meaning.

    My academic background demands that any hypotheses that are presented must be supported with an abundance of pragmatic and empirical evidence to underwrite the theory and claims set forth in the hypothesis. In other words, I believe in using “scientific method”, the body of techniques used for investigating phenomena, compiling new knowledge or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.

    First, there must be a formulation of a question, then there must be an hypothesis that serves to provide the theoretical answer to the question. While the hypothesis can only serve as organized conjecture, it sets the stage for the calculated prediction, which is the development of the logical consequences of the hypothesis. Following would be a number of ways to test and analyze the hypothetical presentation. As the process moves forward, there also has to be the ability to replicate results, withstand external review and record the data to be lucidly presented.

    While the content below falls below the aforementioned standards, it does make some eloquent points that deserve our attention. Allow me to acknowledge that there will be those who simply want to dismiss the very idea that music could have the power to make the type of impact that is suggested here; however, I would assert that such an unengaged dismissal is most often attributed to emotionalism and cognitive dissonance. Dismissing the idea of what is presented here without being able to subject the theory upon which the dismissal is based to the same level of scrutiny as suggested for the original theory means that the dismissal would be considered conjecture as well.

    I don’t intend to present a position here. Personally, I admit to listening to NWA, and while I would suggest that their music didn’t entice me to do anything that I was not already capable of; it definitely did not challenge me to elevate myself in the way that the music of more conscious groups such as Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions.

    I would suggest that the question that this content should present is actually dichotomous. The first half of the question should be: Did the music of NWA usher in a new era in hip hop that promoted self-hatred, fratricide, misogyny and chaos? The second half of the dichotomy to this question would be: If so, how do we use the this blueprint to create a positive music base that is capable of reprogramming our youth in a positive way? Discovering the answers to these questions, will be the beginning to building a power mechanism that will help prepare our youth.

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    1. Great article. I recall prof. griff saying that N.W.A. was pushed on the seen by TPTB to counter all of the conscious rappers like krs-one, public enemy, etc.

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  2. Frankly, Hip Hop was an art to promote Black Culture and Issues concerning them and gives them a positive outlook and message on life. NWA on the other hand promotes their culture of extreme realization that Black Men doesn’t have the same opportunities as Whites and have to deal with a world inside what “they know” which is crime, domestic abuse, premarital sex, out of wedlock children, poverty, ect. Now these guys are self-claimed millionaires, except Easy-E (who died from Aids), doing TV-shows or movies, selling expensive headphones that breaks easily and sponsoring pop culture products. It seems, these guys think they’re in a pedestal thanks in part by the White Elite to destroy our groove. Don’t know if I’m gonna see, if it is, I won’t pay a single cent. I don’t hate them, it just that if History were different NWA would be a complete failure because Black reject that kind of music than embracing it.

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