Quote of the Day

“Black women are sexualized in this way throughout the media – also there have been interesting comparisons made with Sara Baartman and stars like Nicki Minaj: obsessions over black female bodies (obviously the backside in particular). Women of any race who is seen as owning her sexuality (or who is sexualised) are thought of as whores or sluts – black women have additional burden of respectability politics.

Nicki Minaj isn’t perpetuating a stereotype or being a Jezebel, she owns her own sexuality and thus she is judged as a Jezebel because of sexism and continued hyper-sexualization of black women. People who abuse black women who display their sexuality are doing the job of white mistresses: it’s girl-hate slut-shaming at the intersection of race and gender, it’s continuing that Jezebel stereotype against black women and thus restricting black women’s behaviour and actions.”-Anonymous Black Woman Poster on Tumblr Blog


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Although I totally agree with what you said and the beautiful Sara Baartman, Nicki Minaj couldn’t have been a worst example, since she went through plastic surgery to enhance her bum-bum and other features to conform to that over-sexualized image of the Black woman. What is sad is the image this gives to all the beautiful Black women who are naturally well-endowed, yet are being hated on because of their beauty.


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