HER-STORY: Misty Copeland Becomes First Black Principal Dancer At American Ballet Theater

Congrats, Misty!


14 thoughts on “HER-STORY: Misty Copeland Becomes First Black Principal Dancer At American Ballet Theater

  1. Misty is a very talented dancer. She is a real inspiration fro a lot of young girls. She is really popular here in Cali. She grew up in Bellflower just a few miles from me. Although I’ve never seen her perform live. Hopefully when she comes back out to Cali I can get some tickets and see her. I think she gave ballet some new life! It was not as popular in recent years until she came along.

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    1. @KP
      I am proud of Misty as well and would never diminish her accomplishments (which is why I posted this), but like some sistas mentioned on another site I frequent that black girls needs to see ballerinas of different skin tones across the color spectrum. I’ve seen ballerinas darker than she is, but they never get any shine. smh. I can’t help but wonder if she was dark skinned would she receive as much praise.

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  2. Yes I hear you. Don’t get me wrong,Misty is a beautiful woman. But I’ve seen this happen over and over again. It seems like the biracial people are always the “first” at something. Just like our biracial President. It seems as though whites are more comfortable seeing someone who may have a white parent achieve certain accolades. I have many relatives that are light-skinned. I have aunts,uncles and cousins that are light-skinned. As a matter of fact I have a cousin that looks very similar to Misty. People tell her that all the time. But I make a distinction between light skinned and biracial blacks. My mom is light but she has two black parents. But I think many times the darker sisters don’t get enough shine. I think this is on purpose by the racist whites. They want to divide us up and cause conflict and resentment. But I believe the dark skin,full lipped,kinky haired woman is the original African woman.
    I do NOT say this to insult my beautiful light skinned,brown skin and honey complexioned sistas. I love them all. I have dated all skin tones. But we can no longer deny what is going on. They want us to hate the Original Woman so that we HATE ourselves. And hate who birthed US. Until we learn to love the African looking woman we will never be free.
    This is why I think the biracial(mixed)blacks are usually uplifted over the darker skinned people. There’s no doubt that Misty is a very gifted dancer. What she get as much praise?? Hmm…it’s tough to say. I think she fits the exotic(mixed) beauty standard. I think she would still get praise just maybe not as much. The media seems to go overboard when it comes to biracial people. You see all the praise they give Mariah Carey,Lenny Kravitz,Halle Berry,Tiger Woods, Barack Obama etc.
    But I see your point. Why don’t many people know about ballerinas like Michaela De Prince?
    She is a real princess! And moves like an angel!

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    1. I’ve seen beautiful dark skinned ballerinas like Michaela De Prince (I’ve never heard of her until now, Thanks for the vid), but they are NEVER given any attention not even by too many in the black “community.” She is just as talented as Misty Copeland and we should praise her much too.

      Yeah, biracial people are marketed to us as “the superior black people” since the plantation days. A demon that never went away.

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  3. This is a great interview with Michaela. She talks about leaving Africa has a child. She’s really been to hell and back! But she is so down to earth and humble. She seems so wise to only be twenty years old. And a stunning beauty!

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    1. Yeah that white savior narrative, lol. We need ONLY black saviors to save us! I agree, we can’t hold it against her for the situations/positions that the global system of white supremacy put african people, especially the children in.

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