Throwback Thursday: The Original Black Woman Edition

“Lyte As A Roc”

I am the Lyte “a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock” L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E [x3] [Milk] Do you understand the metaphoric phrase ‘Lyte as a Rock?’ It’s explaining, how heavy the young lady is You know what I’m saying King? [King of Chill] Yes my brother, but I would consider ‘Lyte as a Rock’ a simile because of the usage of the word ‘as’ And now.. directly from the planet of Brooklyn MC Lyte – as a Rock! [MC Lyte] Must I say it again, I said it before Move out the way when I’m comin through the door Me, heavy? As Lyte as a Rock Guys watch, even some of girls clock Step back, it ain’t that type of party No reply if you ain’t somebody Get out my face, don’t wanna hear no more If you hate rejection, don’t try to score First base? You ain’t got what it takes You smile, you wink, you big fake flake You’re so pathetic you make my stomach turn You beg, you borrow, now you have to learn I am the Lyte “a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock” L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E [x2] [MC Lyte] Lyte as a Rock, or I should say a boulder Rolling down your neck, pounding on your shoulders Never shall I be an emcee, called a wannabe I am the Lyte, L-Y-T-E This is the way it is, don’t ever forget Hear the rhyme by someone else and you know they bit All in the way, just little obstacles Chew em up, spit em out, just like popsicles Suckers out of my way, we’re not on the same wavelength I show stability, potential and strength On the other hand, you are weak and unruly Could never be a spy, cause you’re just a plain stoolie I am the Lyte “a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock” L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E [x2] [MC Lyte] I’m a slave, I’m a slave, I’m a slave to the rhythm Def rhymes on the micraphone is what I’m givin Yes I am a Rock and you are just a pebble Milk turn up the base, and Rock adjust the levels If a rap can paint a thousand words then I can paint a million Wait, Lyte is capable of paintin a bazillion raps So when I say it, this is what I mean Audio Two an alliance on the scene and I’d like to say whassup to my producer King of Chill Party people are you ready, jam if you will Never underestimate Lyte the Emcee; I am a rapper who is here to make the things the way they’re meant to be The World Ultimate, I’m here to take the title but I had a little trouble upon, my arrival But I got rid of those who, tried to rock me Lyte is here, no one can stop me I am the Lyte “a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock” L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E [x2] [MC Lyte] There are Hip-Hop leaders, this you know We also have, hip-hoppers that follow By the tone of my voice, you can tell I am a scholar I’m also the leader of the hip-hop followers Now get this, I’m at a jam and I’m rockin it Suckers like a checkerboard, when black is clockin it The grace as I ease across the stage Bars around the audience, sort of like a cage They laugh, cause they assume I’m in prison but in reality, they’re locked in Once again I’ll state that I can’t be stopped cause yo, I am as Lyte, as, Rock! I am the Lyte “a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock” L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E [x6] I am the Lyte “a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock” L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E [x4] I am the Lyte “a-a-a-a-a-a-as-as-a-rock” L-Y, L-L-Y-T-E [x4 to fade]

“Paper Thin”

When you say you love me, it doesn’t matter. It goes to my head as just chit chatter You may take this egostistical or just or worry free But what you say I take none of it seriously And even if I did I wouldn’t tell you so I’d let you pretend to read me And then you’ll know. Cause I hate when one attempts to analyze. That I despize those who even try To look into my eyes to see what I am Thinking. That dream is over you gotta sink it. And I tell all of you like I told all of them What you say to me is just paper thin, word I’m not the kind of girl to try to play a man out I take the money and the gear and then break the hell out No thats not my strategy, not the game I play I admit I play game but it’s not done that way Truly when I get involved I give it my heart I mean my mind, my soul, my body I mean every part But if it doesn’t work out, yo it just doesn’t It wasn’t meant to be you know, it just wasn’t So I treat all of you like I treat all of them And what you say to me is Still paper thin In one ear and right out the other Hurt is mumbo jumbo (eeeish) lover I don’t pay attention I don’t concentrate You ain’t got the bait that it takes to hook this A-hah, a-hah, a-hah Sucker you missed, I put feelings aside I know who I am My name is Lyte is your name Sam? Cause if it is step off, grab your coat and get lost Wrap your scarf around your throat and go back and catch a rope And hit the road Sam, don’t you come back No more, no more, no more, no more Hit the road Sam, don’t you come back no more So now I take precaution when choosing my mate I do not touch until the third or fourth date Then maybe we’ll kiss on the fifth or sixth Time to be me (mmmuaah) kiss Cause a date without a kiss is so incomplete And then maybe I’ll let you play with my feet You could suck the big toe and play with the middle It’s so simple unlike a riddle It’s as easy as counting to 1-2-3 In other terms, letters L-Y-T-E I’ll tell you, you, you and all of you In the back and in the middle in the front Yo, that’s it paper thin word up Lyte checkin out Special dedication to my DJ K-Rock in the place to be

“Cha Cha Cha”

(Kick this one here for me and my DJ) You can cha-cha-cha to this Mardis Gras I’m the dopest female that you’ve heard thus far And I do get better, the voice gets wetter Nobody gets hurt (as long as you let her) Do my thing with an ’89 swing The dopeness I write, I guarantee delight To the hip-hop maniac, the Uptown brainiac In full effect, MC Lyte is back And better than before as if that was possible My competition, you’ll find them in the hospital Visiting time, I think it’s on a Sunday But notice they only get one day to shine The rest of the week is mine And I’ll blind you with the science that the others have yet to find So come along and I’ll lead you the right way Just clap your hands to the words I say, come on… (Kick this one here for me and my DJ) I’ve got the power to spread out and devour At the same time I’ll eat you up with a rhyme But I’ll let you slide cuz you accidently hopped on the wrong side Now come on, that’s suicide Hypothetically speaking Ok, let’s say you didn’t know what you were doing You’re new in town, and you’re looking around For another name to ruin, and it’s me that you’re pursuing? Well well well, I’ll be damned I might as well tell you who I am I am the capital L-Y-T-E And it’s shocking I’m the one you’re mocking Oh yes, I’ve been watching you watching me And like the fat on your back it’s plain to see That you’re a wannabe, but you can’t be what you’re not So you better start living with what you got (Kick this one here for me and my DJ) Yeah, DJ K-Rock when you hear a scratch Now it’s time to kick a rhyme out the batch And you’re the receiver eager as a beaver Time to convert the non-believer That I’m a roadrunner leaving you in the dust I can adjust to the times and at times I might just get quicker Than the ticker of your pacemaker More tender than a roni but harder than a jawbreaker So don’t ever second guess me And if you’re wondering who could the best be Think a second and recollect the worst whipping you ever had yet And I’ll bet that I did it My fingerprints are still on you How many times I gotta warn you About the light? It’ll blind your sight But the rhythm will still guide you through the night (Kick this tip… Kick this one here for me and my DJ)

“Poor Georgie”

I met him in a club hangin out one night He said, “Hello I’m George.. hi Lyte! How’s everything goin, huh, how ya doin? Hope everything’s fine, ooh, and umm can I call you sometime? Can I get the digits? And the address, so I can come visit?” I gave him the digits, that wasn’t a problem Cause if he caused any, I would have to solve them cause George looked good, MMM damn good! And if I didn’t, some other girl would In my mind, I hope for the best Convincing myself that this was not a test Cause I heard many things about Georgie Nothing kinky, like no orgies I heard he knows how to make love like an angel from the heaven above Who was I kidding I’d give him a try Cause Lyte needs love too and that ain’t no lie Keep your ears open, hope that you listenin Cause I’m about to take you on a George Porgie mission “Can it be I’ve stayed away too long” [x2] I gave him the number, I saw it in his eyes “She gave me the number? Hmmm I’m surprised” Good conversation, over the phone He began to come for me whenever I was alone George was sweet, so nice and so neat With any other guy he didn’t have to compete George was mature, he made sure that he was the only one I’d ever adore Girls, have you, ever had a friend that you’d get with, every now and then? I know for a fact George had a lot of girls spread out from state from state around the world As long as he was smart and kept his girls in check Made sure I never saw them and showed me respect He didn’t have to be loyal, like men should be I don’t care about the other girls, just be good to me! But if I ever saw one, that would be the end He couldn’t kick the storyline that she was just a friend The girls I didn’t care, fine legs don’t lie See cause Georgie was into making your girls cry “Kissed the girls and made them cry” [x4] “Kissed the girls and made them cry” “Can it be I’ve stayed away too long” “Kissed the girls and made them cry” “Kissed the girls and made them cry” “Can it be I’ve stayed away too long” “Kissed the girls and…” George was clean, no drugs and such But once in a while, he’d drink too much Hangin in a club where they play rockers Him and his friend, drinkin vodka I was lookin for him, and I found him there With his clothes messed up and his (fucked) up hair I told him he was messin up he wouldn’t go far He got mad and asked his friend for the keys to the car I said, “Don’t drive, use your head Drive while you’re drunk and you’ll kill yourself dead” We begin to argue, bad words were said Then he got kicked out by some longhaired dread Ran into the car as if, in a hurry He started the car but his vision was blurry He didn’t care, he drove off into the night Riding for miles, without his headlights Georgie Porgie had too much on his mind He was still young yet running out of time Last week he took tests as the doctor told him George had cancer in his lungs and his colon See when he was young, he started smokin Paid no attention when he started chokin Thoughts flashed through his head, there they stuck Till Georgie Porgie, crashed into a truck I wished I woulda told him how I liked him so much How he made me feel with the slightest touch Now he’s gone and I can’t tell him nothin Wish he was here so I could say somethin The story is not to say that I’m in sorrow Just to say no one is promise tomorrow If you love someone you should say it often You never know when they’ll be layin in a coffin Wake up, it’s important that you know that No one on Earth is promised tomorrow.. Believe that! And don’t think that it can’t happen to you “Kissed the girls and made them cry” [x2] “Can it be I’ve stayed away too long” [x4] “Kissed the girls and made them cry” [x2]


It was a café It was a café on the westside It was a café on It was a café on the westside, midtown It was a café on the westside, midtown Said they had the best cap of cappucino around So I stepped in, and I ordered a cup Someone grabbed me by my throat and said, “Shut the fuck up!” And I did, pronto, quick fast How much longer would the torture last? In the wrong place, at the wrong time It was a drug sale, I could feel from behind Death, it was gettin closer, right behind my back Ready to attack I got shot in a shoot-out, and then I died I could feel it, I was on the other side In between lives, I’m so confused What do I do, oh, what do I do? But was it really time for me to go? Why, oh why did I need cappucino? Why, oh why? Why, oh why did I need cappucino? Why, oh why? Why, oh why did I need cappucino? Why, oh why did I need cappucino? But then I calmed down, I spotted some friends That I knew in a past life, way back when A couple had died in a drug world And this one guy died fightin over his girl Another died drivin while intoxicated Why do people make livin so complicated? But then I saw a girl, her name was Mary Introduced to drugs by her boyfriend Harry He sold crack to the kids on the uptown corners A social worker named Hannah Smith tried to warn her But she wouldn’t listen, no one listens I saw the light, I awakened, it was a dream Man oh man, you shoulda heard me scream So glad to be given – my life back So good to be livin – or is dead better? I didn’t have to run from the bullets or drugs And I didn’t have to run from the murderers or thugs I didn’t have to worry about fallin from a plane But at this café was death still callin my name? Or did this café even exist? And was my name just another on the death list? I knew it couldn’t happen, even though On the bottom of my shirt was a spot of cappucino… Cappucino Cappucino Bust it, to some of you that really don’t know I break it down to you, the word ‘cappucino’ It’s somewhat like coffee, then again not quite It’s creamy and smooth, and it goes down light They charge you 3 dollars, you ask is it worth it? But when you start drinkin… shit, it’d be workin I’m hooked, well, I was, cause, yo, it’s the best But if everytime I drink I voyage through death I leave it alone and just stick to tea Cappucino was fly, but too fly for me Why, oh why did I need cappucino? Cappucino Why, oh why did I need cappucino? Cappucino Why, oh why? Why, oh why? Why, oh why did I need cappucino? Cappucino Cappucino Cappucino Cappucino It was a café on the westside It was a café on the west… It was a café on the westside It was a café on the west… Cappucino


[Chorus x3] Gotta what yo Gotta get a ruffneck [Verse 1] I need a ruffneck I need a dude with attitude Who only needs his fingers with his food Karl Kani saggin’ timbos draggin’ Frontin’ in his ride with his home boys braggin’ Lying ’bout the Lyte how he knocked boots last night But he’s a ruffneck so that’s alright Triple o baldie under the hood Makin’ noise with the boys up to no good C-low on the down low cops come around so ruffneck front like he gotta go Evil grin with a mouth full of gold teeth Startin’ beef is how he spells relief Actin’ like he don’t care When all I gotta do is beep him 911 and he’ll be there Right by my side with his ruffneck tactics Ruffneck attitude, the ruffneck bastard [Chorus x6] [Verse 2] I need a ruffneck I need a man that’s quick and swift To put out the spliff and get stiff Boxer shorts and everything is fitting large But he don’t gotta be large to be in charge Pumpin’ in and out and out and in and here we go He knows exactly how I want my flow and that’s slow Never questioning can he get buck wild He’s got smack it, lick it, swallow it up style Drinkin’ a beer, sittin’ his chair Hands in his pants fiddlin’ with his dick hairs He’s a rudeboy, a raggamuf Ready to bag another brother that he ranks ruff enough ‘Cause if it ain’t ruff it ain’t right And if he ain’t ruff, well then he’s all wrong for the Lyte I love my ruffneck and ain’t nothing going down Or going up if my ruffneck ain’t in town [Chorus x6] [Verse 3] I need a ruffneck I need a man that don’t stitch like a bitch She’d tears or switch Doin’ whatever it takes to make ends meet But never meetin’ the end ’cause he knows the street Eat sleep shit fuck, eat sleep shit Then it’s back to the streets to make a buck quick Quick to beg even though gimme gottem here Hit’em wit a bit a skins then he’s out of there On the avenue girls are passin’ thru Too much of ruffneck so they ain’t havin’ you Hard boppin’ always grabbin’ his jock and braggin’ about his tec That’s the rep he’ll pull the plug on the tour Pissin’ in corners Doing 80 by funeral mourners Showing little respect Now that’s a ruffneck [Chorus x18]

“Cold Rock A Party (Remix)” (feat. Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott, Puff Daddy)

[Puff Daddy] I thought I told you.. that we won’t stop I rock the party.. that rocks your body I rock the party, that rocks your body Let’s go! [Lyte] Yeah [Puff] Uh-huh, yeah Uh-huh, yeah Uh-huh, yeah The remix, heheh! [Chorus: MC Lyte (Puff Daddy)] I rock the party that rocks the body (uh-huh, yeah) You rock the party that rocks the body (uh-huh, yeah) I rock the party that rocks the body (uh-huh, yeah) You rock the party that rocks the body (uh-huh, yeah) [MC Lyte] So what’s yo’ status?.. I be the baddest ..Bee to hit the scene since the gangsta lean I’m all ears, so what you got to say? I hope you bubblin it baby, now bubblin it my way Let it rain; ain’t no salt up in the game (nah) Still want you the same (yeah) ain’t a thing changed Instead of knockin boots.. we be kickin down Gortex Except it ain’t raw sex Ruffnecks (yeah) throw your hands in the air! Let me hear you say oh yeah! Trust-You-Me-I’ll-Blow-Up-Shop About to blow the roof right offa hip-hop [Chorus x2] [Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott] I’m the M-I-double-S-S, yo’ best best, bitch from V-A-A And I be smokin hay all day in the barn, damnit, darn Uhh, Puff Daddy be my pal When I hee-hee.. hee-hee-hehehehe-how I took your number one spot, I jump skip then I hop I’m so hot, so you can’t forgets-me-not to the yes yes y’all, I’ma take a pause Cause I be “Feelin’ Myself” like I was T-Boz Uh uh.. Puff Daddy make em cream! The L-Y-T to the E make em scream And I’ma sho’ nuff be the, boss on this team Show, all you MC’s how Missy make the green Uh-huh, uh-huh [Chorus x2] [MC Lyte] Some say I’m SHADY (that’s right) That’s me Complicated rap star, meet Lyte the MC You see I’m on to you baby and your mechanism How you hit it when you’re in it, so hot you keep it sizzlin No ooh-achie-koo, and all of that too Keep me wetter than the waters of Kalamazoo Nigga who you comin wit? Where your posse at? I leave the boys alone, tell her you won’t be back I got the cheese baby; my cheddar’s better I got that milk, for that Amarett-ah Trust-You-Me-I’ll-Blow-Up-Shop Have a little nig’ callin the cops, watch! [Chorus] [MC Lyte (Puff Daddy)] I rock the party that rocks the body You rock the party that rocks the body body body I rock the party that rocks the body You rock the party that rocks the body I rock the party that rocks the body (round and round you’re turnin me, turnin me) You rock the party that rocks the body (upside down you turnin me, turnin me) (round and round you’re turnin me, turnin me..) Uh! I rock the party that rocks the body You rock the party that rocks the body I rock the party that rocks the body You rock the party that rocks the body I rock the party that rocks the body You rock the party that rocks the body (yeah) I rock the party that rocks the body You rock the party that rocks the body (yeah) (upside down you turnin me, turnin me) (round and round you’re turnin me, turnin me.. yeah) (upside down you turnin me, turnin me.. Bad Boy) (round.. and round.. and round and round.. and round) (you’re turnin me, turnin me, c’mon..)

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Original Black Woman Edition

      1. I If I could I would go back to 1500 BC in Kemet. When we ruled our own nations and were kings and queens. A time when we loved ourselves and no white involvement. A true paradise in my opinion. Right now we are in a living hell being around these demonic evil mutants!!


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