Great Goddess Femcees of All Time: The Pioneers


Roxanne Shante (Born Shante Lolita Gooden November 9, 1969) made her debut at the tender age of 14 with the hit single “Roxanne’s Revenge” (1984) in response to the hip hop trio  UTFOs failure to show up at a promotional show. sparking the infamous Roxanne Wars. She was also the only female member of the hip hop collective, The Juice Crew which included rappers Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Kool G. Rap and others.

 TheRealRoxanneThe Real Roxanne (born Adelaida Joanne Martinez July 15, 1963) is best known for involvement in the Roxaanne Wars with Roxanne Shante and others. She also worked with DJ and Producer Howie Tee in which she scored the 1986 hit single “Bang Zoom (Let’s Go-Go).”


Ms. Melodie (born Ramona Parker March 9, 1969; died July 17, 2012, Brooklyn, New York) the first lady of BDP (Boogie Down Productions) and former spouse of BDP founder, KRS-ONE is best known for her membership in The Stop the Violence Movement and her verse in the movement’s hit song “Self-Destruction” (1989). She released one album, Diva (1990). Unfortunately, she passed away on July 17, 2012 of undisclosed causes. She’s greatly missed.

Queen Latifah Holds Casting Call to Find Next CoverGirl in New York City

Queen Latifah (born Dana Elaine Owens March 18, 1970) is considered hip hop’s pioneer feminist. Her debut album All Hail the Queen dropped in 1989 . She began her career beat-boxing for the rap group Ladies Fresh, was an original member of Flavor Unit, and she was a member of the Native Tongues. Her music covered topics such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, and relationship troubles. She went on to become actress, model, television producer, record producer, comedienne, and talk show host.


Monie Love (born Simone Gooden July 2, 1970) is a English rapper who is a well respected figure in British hip hop and has gained respect within the American hip hop community as Queen Latifah’s protege. She’s well known for her cameo on Queen Latifah’s Grammy-Award winning pro-woman single “Ladies First” (1989) and a member of the hip hop group the Native Tongues.


Yo-Yo (born Yolanda Whitaker August 4, 1971) is another hip-hop feminist who’s music advocated female empowerment and discussed frequent sexism and misogyny in rap music. Yo-Yo is the founder of IBWC (Intelligent Black Woman’s Coalition). She was the protege of gangsta rapper Ice Cube making her debut on his album Amerikkka’s Most Wanted (1990). She also mentors young girls and youth in her program YoYo’s School of Hip Hop.

MC Lyte-KSR-025257

MC Lyte (born Lana Michele Moorer October 11, 1970) hip hop feminist gained notoriety as the first solo female rapper at the tender age of 17 to release a full album, Lyte as a Rock (1989). She is also an actress and made appearances in many shows such as In the House, Get Real, Half & Half, and The District. She is also an author of a the book Unstoppable: Igniting the Power Within to Achieve Your Greatest Potential, speaker, and mentor to young girls.


Salt-n-Pepa (from left to right: born Cheryl “Salt” James (March 28, 1966), Sandy “Pepa” Denton (November 9, 1966), and Deidra “Spinderella” Roper (August 3, 1971) the first all-woman rap group and hip hop feminists  whose music centered around such topics as sex and relationships They were not afraid to flaunt their sexuality and wear scantily clad clothing. Their Grammy-Award Winning music includes successful hits such as “Let’s Talk About Sex” (1990) and Whatta Man “ (1993) featuring En Vogue.

Source: Bios from Wikipedia


4 thoughts on “Great Goddess Femcees of All Time: The Pioneers

  1. These are real pioneers right here! The women that made me love hip hop in the first place. This is a great list. Thanks for putting Roxanne Shante on this list. I think she gets overlooked most of the time. She’s really talented. Salt N Pepa opened the doors for many female rappers too. Yoyo held it down for the west coast. I love Monie though. I wonder if she’s married??lol
    The only person I would add to this list is Ms Melodie. I think she passed away a few years ago. She was with the Boogie Down Productions. She was married to hip hop legend KRS ONE. But overall this is a great post . 🙂

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  2. Thanks for reminding me of Ms. Melodie. She’s another femcee that is often overlooked as well. I will add her to the list later on stay posted. Monie Love’s bio says that she is a single mother of four, so sources I see say she ain’t married. *shrugs* If I find anything that says that she’s not, I’ll let you know. lol.

    Updated! I’m gonna do another post about pioneer femcees who are forgotten a lotta time when we name pioneers. These are the most famous ones

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    1. I wonder if Monie wants a fifth
      Great post though. When people talk about hip hop they always focus on the men. People forget about the sistas that we’re doing their thing back in the day. They are often overlooked.

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