Throwback Thursday: The Original Black Woman Edition

Don’t Play Wit My Yo Yo(YoYo) ft. Ice Cube

Yo Jinx man, we gotta find somebody that’s down for hers, man
All these girls simple man, who you think fit the category?

It’s me, the brand new intelligent black woman Y O Y O
Which is Yo-Yo but I’m not to be played
Like I was made by Matell
But this Yo-Yo is made by woman and male

I rhyme about uprights upliftin’ the woman
For that are superior to handle by any male
Any time, any rhyme, any flow and any show
And if you ask my producers that we fly and you know

You can’t play with my Yo-Yo
Don’t try to play me out, don’t try to play me out
You can’t play with my Yo-Yo
Don’t try to play me out, don’t try to play me out

My name is Yo-Yo, I’m not a ho
I like to flow so swift, it’s got to be a gift
So yo, let the beat lift, as I rip and rhyme
And rap and slap all the girls who came to dap
To the fact I get the 8-ball or the jam

The earrings I wear are called dophins
Check the booty, yo it’s kinda soft
And if you touch, you livin’ in a coffin
(Word to mother)
I’m in the 90s, your still in the 80s right

I rock the mic, they say I’m not lady like
But I’ma lady, who will pull a stunt though
I kill suckas and even hit the block
So what you wanna do? Ya must play it wrong
(Aay yo)

‘Cause to me, you simply can’t get none
You wetter, than a hotter ho in snow
Tell ’em Ice Cube
(Ice Cube)
No, you can’t play with my Yo-Yo, suckas

You can’t play with my Yo-Yo
Don’t try to play me out, don’t try to play me out
You can’t play with my Yo-Yo
Don’t try to play me out, don’t try to play me out

What’s yo name baby?

That’s right, my name is Yo-Yo
But know I’m not a dunkin
As I rap, chilly chill bringin’ the funk
And I steal yo man, as if he was a hawk
And he’ll call me baby, yo, or even pumpkin

I may be buttercup or even Ms.Yo
We had dinner and know we drinkin’ Cisco
Hit the slow jams, its gettin’ cosy
Your home alone, so now you gettin’ nosy

Your kinda young, so of course you had to call replace
Hang up in my face, it’s a sad case
So who ya man dippin’ the dollars, what?
Yup, for puttin’ lipstick on his collar

At home, he’s gotta listen to ya holla
But he’ll slap ya and sock ya, so why bother?
But if you come knockin’ at my do’
(Ay yo)
I’ll smoke you, tell ’em Ice

You can’t play wit my Yo-Yo, sucka

You can’t play with my Yo-Yo
Don’t try to play me out, don’t try to play me out
You can’t play with my Yo-Yo
Don’t try to play me out, don’t try to play me out

Fool, 1990 and stand sucka free, yeah
Tell ’em what’s up

Yo, I hope you realize one day
That ya week is Monday threw Sunday
So listen to my Y O, here’s my bio
And next to me, ha, your not fly yo

Ya lack skills to be a woman that’s black
Fake hair in the back, plus green contacts
Yo-Yo is just tryna to stop ya
Because the world ain’t a big soap opera

It only takes one punch to drop ya
And then the I.B.W.C. will come mob ya
But no, I’m not livin’ like that first
Although I pack a real small gat in my purse
(Right, right)

Just no, it’s not to cause corruptions
Just to fight back on the instructions
Just thought you wanna know about the Y O Y O
Yo, should I tell ’em Ice

They know what time it is

You can’t play with my Yo-Yo
Don’t try to play me out, don’t try to play me out
You can’t play with my Yo-Yo
Don’t try to play me out, don’t try to play me out

Yo-Yo, the brand new intelligent black lady
Stompin’ to the 90s, for all y’all suckas
Aye Jinx, I knew they couldn’t fade it
You can’t play wit my Yo-Yo

The simple to a metaphor, make someone to yell on
To keep it at a latest while they’re yellin’, more, more
I am very versatile, changin’ my ways to different styles
Knowledge is the key, expense is for my background

Label me as a woman and sometimes I feel inferior
Follow me on the hands of time, makes no man superior
Should we jam and take the stand, and dis back all the
Men who know no more the slang, slang

And thinks wit his ding-a-ling?
I think it’s time that we defeat
And stand on our own two feet
If we wanna live wit justice and harmony

How many more rounds must I go
In order to let my people know
Times were hard, things have changed
Don’t try to play me out

(Don’t try to play me out)
Yay, yay, hey
(Don’t try to play me out)
Yay, yay, yay, yay

 Ibwin’ Wit My Crewin’ (Yo Yo)

IBWC’s in the house, fool
And Yo-Yo about to rock this muthafucka
And I’m sendin this out to all my homies in the west coast

IBWC’s in the house, fool
And Yo-Yo about to rock this muthafucka
And I’m sendin this out to all my homies in the west coast
Yo-Yo, kick that!(Come on)

IBWin wit my CREWin

(Come on)

(Get down, get down, get down)

Back once again, rushin yo ass like a green light
Yo-Yo’s back and puttin up another mean fight
Booty still packin, crates takin care of kickin terror
True to the game, fakin never
You know I’m from the Lench Mob, so I’ll scrub if I have to
Beatin fools down, stompin em in the ground
See, hoes be gettin mad, tryin to step to the Yo-Yo
Because they man be at em blowin kisses at my photo
See, I’ll hang yo ass by a tree
Gettin chopped while your neck snap at 3
Scot free, a psycho’s on the loose, and if you haven’t seen me
It’s cause I wreck shit and disappear like a genie
A beanie is what the girlies wear when we’re mobbin
IBWin, true fuckin crewin, you threw in the towel
When I started walkin the road to styles
Leavin dead bodies for miles and miles

Yeah, come on
(Come on)

IBWin wit my CREWin

(Come on)

(Get down, get down, get down)

Creepin like a tagger, got my stripes and I’m golden
Pop my JVC in my deck, and now I’m rollin
Oh and, if you didn’t know that I be blowin
Dope funk tracks back to back, and they so fat
Dealin with a gangster man who’s got a gangster plan
For those who don’t understand
My motto’s just like the lotto’s:
Gotta say fuck it and make may ducats
Stayin on the d-l, so when you see me later, alligator
I’ll be out a while, crocodile
Gettin real funky on my shit for nine-trey
From the west to the east with my homies fade away
I can rock you harder than the ave’
So don’t be mad if I smash this beat through your monkey ass
I’m just IBWin with my crew and
Doin what we doin, this is how we do it
Come on

(Come on)

IBWin wit my CREWin

(Come on)

(Get down, get down, get down)

I cop a little beat for the Yo to come off on
Anyway you ride it, you still can get your flow on
So listen while I g-o and break some niggas’ ego
Yo-Yo be rippin shit, but you don’t hear me though
It’s one of those Saturdays, and we’re hangin
Rollin 7 deep in my homie’s station wagon
Lookin all faded, eyes redder than a apple
Stop at 7-11 cause Chenee want a snapple
Eyes all redded from the Thai, grab some ??? for the eye
Huh, cause everybody’s high
Dressed in our best K-Swiss, and yes, oh yes
With the munchies, but ain’t nobody got no munchie money
Just headed to the mall, so we can clown like we’re doin it
They wanna know, tell em we’re IBWin
Just chillin, chillin and we’re willin
And if you didn’t know, we got that feelin

(Come on)

IBWin wit my CREWin

(Come on)

IBWin wit my CREWin

 I Wanna Be Down Remix(Featuring Queen Latifah, Yoyo & MC Lyte)


(Featuring Queen Latifah, Yoyo & MC Lyte)

Oh yeah ooh yeah
I would like to get to know if I could be
The kind of girl that you could be down for
Cause when I look at you I feel something tell me
That you’re the kind of guy that I should make a move on

[(verse):Mc Lyte]
Yeah I get exotic with tha malotic tune I get hypnotic with tha room
but you got to put me down soon I flip a sideshow
if you come my way up down and around even sideways
I’m about as ready as the Lyte can get we can go all out
I ain’t afraid of the sweat but yet I bet you got the techniques
to freak a girl inside out what’s that all about(oooh yeah)
Can I have some of that you got to put me on word around town
is your nine men strong I wanna be put on in tha worst way since
the first day I think it was a Thursday (oh baby) you be that brother
that I wanna sink my teeth in make me wanna ask where tha hell you been
I like the way you be with all that personality but I got flava too you needs
to get with me

I wanna be down
With what you’re going through
I wanna be down
I wanna be down with you
No matter the time
Of day or night it’s true
I wanna be down

He was born twenty years ago just a pimp toes everyday new clothes
look at tha cut cool-toes on three got tha heat so bluff it sling’ teshies
cause it’s more than twenty duckets struck it kind of rich now his pockets
lookin’ straight slam the deese on tha benzo pancake by tha gate moms
lookin’ straight with her house she got great loungin’ in her new home
that’s about to state I’ll be your call mail motel you can get it
when you want it even though you got chicks all up on you it don’t matter
cause brother you’re fly I can’t lie
I’ve been mackin’ daddy from tha corner of my eye now baby bring it on
don’t be frontin’ on your baby boo all I wanna is what’s up with you
how can I get with you seems like you got a hold on me it must vodoo
cause baby I want you

[Repeat Chorus]

[(verse):Queen Latifah]
About yey short about yey tall about so big about so small about
this length about this width about this flow about this gift instict
leading me right up your alley way skip tha
Moet let’s chill with some
Allazae nuff stress in our day let me massage your mind as my mentals
start to play a ghetto sauce who you are
and I’ll be your sexual chocolate bar and I got to keep it strong for tha
cause and you got to keep me strong for the toss brother mad at me damn
tha family what else could we be when no one else understands us
but me you were the first to tame me uh Big Tif I’m out

[Repeat Chorus]

[(outro):Queen Latifah]
Hey here we go here we go here go now and it’s on yeah
and you don’t stop Brandy is in tha house and you don’t stop
until tha body rock keep it on and you don’t stop rock on

Ladies Night (Lil’ Kim, Angie Martinez, Left Eye, Da Brat, Missy Elliot)
{dice shakin}
Uhh {dice thrown} yeah
Uhh, here’s another one, and another one

{dice shakin}
Uhh {dice thrown} yeah
Uhh, here’s another one, and another one
Lil’ Kim, the Queen BeeVerse One: Angie Martinez, Lil’ Kim

It’s ladies night what, it must be Angie on the mic
The Butter P honey got the sugar got the spice
Roll the L’s tight, keep the rhymes right
Yo I just made this motherfucker up last night
And uhh… I’m the rookie on this all-star team
Me and Kim is gettin cream, like Thelma and Louise
but on chrome, never leave that Brooklyn shit alone
So if you say it’s on then it’s on

Bang this in your whips
Pack em call the roadie with the chips in the wrists
Here’s a french kiss *kissing sound*
I dismissed all you chicks split six from the four-fifth
Make you dance, ooowwww
I stay focused, in the dopest
Like a penny with a hole in it, y’all just hopeless
And toke this, I ain’t lye-in
Niggaz tryin to knock me off, keep tryin
All it takes is one phone call to my street team
Promote that ass, like a soundtrack New Jack Ci-tay
Set It Off with the eighty-fitay
Y’all missin the buck, with the fuck
Bump Biggie in the trunk and the buck to my thorough bitches
Lemme see ya do tha bankhead if ya richest
It’s the rap Mae West to Q-B
And I got all my sisters with me


Oh this is ladies night, and our rhymes is tight
Oh this is ladies night, oh what a night (oh what a night)
Oh this is ladies night, and the feel is right
Oh this is ladies night, oh what a night (oh what a night)

Verse Two: Left Eye

Uhh, never the one, packin a gun
Got some other raw chicks for that, lay your ass flat
I be the one chockin ya paragraphs, with laughs
Getcha back up on the right path
Ain’t no stoppin me ladies from club hoppin gets my rock on
From flavors still frozen at Paradise joint
Booty shakin with the glass in my left one
Right hand sayin step-son
To me my girls is fancy fly bitches
Too my niggaz straight snitches, to them other chicos
Lady pimp ain’t havin that shit
If you ain’t got the cash to stash, suck my dick hoes
Strictly a bell ringer
Lay another finger on this big bad one miss lady rap singer
I be the one to blame as the flames keep risin
To the top and it don’t stop


Verse Three: Da Brat

Y’all see, how these bogus niggaz try not to notice the dopest bitches
Approachin with good intentions but focusin on they riches
If it’s, too hot then get the fuck up out the kitchen
Niggaz dicks, stay lifted when they thinkin of me
Cause the rhythm I kick, puzzle them like arithe-ma-tic
Fillin em with, sluggers off the nine milli luger click
Bitches bust, we just, keep kickin up dust
And you can spread rumors shit is makin me sicker than head tumors
Humor me, by huggin me sayin you lovin me
Playa phony niggaz be buggin, I can tell
cause the thug in me wanna sell drugs and push keys
Need to get me mo’ of deez, VV’s and M3’s
Smoke weed from overseas pimped out styled Rol-eys
Fuck the police keep my wallet obese
Who the, Windy City woman still still comin and gunnin
Straight from the Chi
Tonight’s the night for all the ladies, let’s get high!


Verse Four: Missy

Aiyyo Kim, heheh, yaknowhatI’msayin ?
I ain’t even gon’ leave without sayin sun’un on this track
You ain’t gonna use me to just be singin hooks
What I look like?
Patti LaBelle or somebody nigga? Heheh
Check it out, uh huh, yeah

Oh what a night
You should be like Missy ‘stead of bein like Mike
I like to ride pony’s instead of ridin bikes
Me and Lil’ Kim got the rhymes to incite
I gotta catch a flight
Aheheh, round three and shit
Niggaz can’t see us from Elektra to Undeas
Aaaaoooowwww niggaz wanna be us
Heh I’m out he, ooh

*ladies night, ladies night…*


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Original Black Woman Edition

  1. Great song choices! I miss Left Eye. I think she was very misunderstood. But she was so talented. I love that remix by Brandy. My cousin met Brandy back in 1995 at the mall. It was when this song first came out. She was with her teenager brother Ray J. He said she was a real sweetheart and got her autograph.
    Thank you for that Yoyo video. I haven’t seen it in years. All the brothers in high school were in love with her. I was one of After all these years she’s still beautiful!

    Thank you for bringing back great memories!

    Liked by 1 person

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