All Hail the Queens!

cc3505a4b3c840eba0154c3278b641e9queen_ahmes_nefertari_close_up__by_leereex-d4hnle0aa0641ed1b22ad838c1424a952877f3e4e4d5c22e9e6a797a77a9274164cf51ahqdefaulthqdefault (1)23745_10151435443078420_1522556863_n-377x400nefertiti_by_aliciane-d7gamft

Queen Latifah as Queen Nefertiti    queen-nefertiti   nefertiti2nefertiti

Black Woman As Cleopatra

Liya Kebede


nefertiti (1)



7 thoughts on “All Hail the Queens!

    1. I will, but you missed some, bro and you don’t miss a beat. lol. You either comment or like. I posted a total of 16 posts yesterday, so go back to the main page until you get to the Althea Gibson post to see the ones you missed. You also missed one I believe it was last month and another one when I first started blogging back in january: they are And

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      1. I guess I did miss a I haven’t been blogging as much since my computer went down last month. I also have family out here visiting so I haven’t been blogging like I normally do. But I will check out your other posts. Looks like you’ve been working overtime lately. Do your thing girl! I’m not mad at you!lol

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  1. When I click on those links to make sure they are right, I get an error message. See if you get an error, if so I post them some other time for you to look at.

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      1. Great! I’m glad you can pull em up. Hopefully, you’ll have a new computer soon, I just brought a new computer last month, but still use the old one since it has many of my old important documents and files on it. Yes I am working overtime, I always enjoy bringing the knowledge. I understand that you have family visiting, just take your time.


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