Scottie Lowe Puts Black Woman Sexuality In Its Proper Perspective

Scottie Lowe is the BRILLIANT creator of Black erotica and the owner of a company called Afroerotik, created to put Black Sexuality (in general) in its proper perspective.  Here is one of her AMAZING works below:

Society Told Me a Secret

There is this rumor going around that white woman is prettier, no, no, she’s HOT.  That’s exactly what society wants me to believe.  She’s sexier, she’s better in bed; she’s more sophisticated and less sassy.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, desires a white woman; she’s the epitome of beauty and lust.  Society told me a secret that a white woman’s pussy tastes better than mine.  The white woman is a sign of status, she lets Black men know that they have arrived when they can have her on his arm; she’s the trophy to be put on display.  She sure is beautiful, flawless even up there on that pedestal, the ultimate object of desire.


I have to wonder though, is a Latina woman’s sex really that much better than mine?  Ay caramba, it must be, society told me so.  She’s got more sazon, she’s spicier, she’s muy caliente and fine. Her Spanish and African blood makes her just right mixture of all things sensual, not an ugly savage like me.  You see, that’s what I’m led to believe by the whispers of the slaves who are no longer beaten by the massa’s whips and tethered by steel and iron chains but by the ones who drive expensive whips and wear gold chains around their necks.  They tell me that Carmen is sooo, soooo very fine.  Who am I to compare?  Just a regular ole Black chick, not sexy in any way, ghetto and unwanted.

Wait, what’s that you say?  Oh damn, not the Asian chick too!  She’s submissive and demure and her coochie is tighter.  Man, a sista can’t win.  OK, that’s it, there’s no one else in line before me. Wait, biracial women too?  Alright, I can see that.  They are only half black so I’ll take a step back. Two steps you say?  Oh, got it.  Light skinned women, damn, I forgot.


Well, I’ve got news for you society, you’ve got it all wrong.  You see, I am the original woman, all life comes from me.  I will not let you dictate my self esteem and sense of worth based on your lies.  You may have forgotten, you may have been misled.  But I’m here to tell you that I Am beautiful, I am sensual, I am desirable and you’re just plain wrong.

My black as midnight skin is like satin and silk to touch.  You see, Black don’t crack and it absorbs the sun.  Feel the heat of my spirit rise as you experience a true Goddess.   My eyes are deep and dark and they’ve seen a lot of pain but they reflect my inner light that shines so bright, unafraid to be Black, proud to be sexy. My sensual lips are full and made for kissing, my full, round hips sway and swerve in rhythmic time.  You tell me my features are too full, not refined.  I say kiss my entire Black ass.  You told me to cover my thick, natural, nappy, African, wooly hair, that I should be ashamed.  I can create more styles with my mane of glory than any white woman ever could and make them all look good.  My breasts are full and heavy and my milk flows like the river Nile.  My nipples stand proud like Kilimanjaro, hard like a diamond mined, my sacred blood nourishes the generations.  I am mother earth, I am Africa.  I am Egypt and Ghana and Timbuktu. I am the Sahara and Sudan and Madagascar.  I am the starry night sky and dessert plains.  I am Cleopatra and Sheba and Venus Hottentot too.  I am the antelope and the cheetah simultaneously; I am the hunter and the hunted.  I am the gentle waves of an unforgiving dark ocean lapping at the hull of the slave ship.


So, I invite you to experience sex the way it was meant to be, with the original woman, and you will see that I’m not the lowly thing you’ve tried to convince me I am.  Do you smell that, that intoxicating scent?  That’s my beautiful black pussy, deliciously pink hot wet and sweet.  Taste that sacred space, that holy temple.  My juices taste like honey so sweet.  I will give you my surrender, my uncontrolled cries of passion.  Fill your hands with my thick ass, lose yourself  inside me.  Join with me and as you feel my silky wet walls envelop you, surround you, bathe you in dark divinity.  Make love to me, pleasure me.  Fill me with your seed. Society knows that I am beautiful, sexy, and erotic.   I will ascend to take my rightful place as coveted and desired, the Black woman, compared to none.

Copyright 2012 AfroerotiK All Rights Reserved


16 thoughts on “Scottie Lowe Puts Black Woman Sexuality In Its Proper Perspective

    1. I agree, very powerful. It’ll make some people mad as hell, but who cares. lol. It will getcha excited now, follow the link to her site and you’ll REALLY be fanning. Lol!

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    1. Yeah, those pics are also very powerful. I see why the white supremacist Hollyweird can’t bring themselves to make black love movies. lol.

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      1. The reason why? If you put Black love movies, that would be the end… and the beginning of healing. We have been set aside, not allowing to prosper, to love, to cherish. And learning to lose our self-esteem, lose our sons, lose our daughters, forget our purpose and our dreams. I never see a Black man kissing a Black woman on TV. Novels are plenty of illustrations of Caucasians in romantic and somewhat suggestive poses. But I never see illustrations of Black couples loving each other. It’s pretty tragic.

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      2. That’s when the Scottie Lowes and Zanes of the world come and save the day. I am sooo thankful for them.


      3. If they were to show a black man and woman in a love movie it would expose, in particularly their Goddess as a fraud, and that they cannot allow. Black women are far superior sexually and to show it publicly would destroy the societal imagery of the white woman. Of course they can’t allow that. She’s their Goddess. She is what gives them strength. We know it’s fraudulent but and so do they. That’s why they can’t allow for it to be exposed.

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  1. this reminds me of Zane’s Sex Chronicles and Zane’s The Jump-Off, first black erotica series and the best unlike the cheap, tasteless, passionless, faux erotica usually shown like Lingerie, Life On Top, Hotel Erotica, Black Tie Nights, and the whole yard

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    1. @ Chrystal Emma
      Lol! I’m sure you’re cumming like a can of condensed milk by now yourself.

      As far as I see she has one book out in kindle edition on call Minority Affairs: Intense Interracial Erotica. Her site (follow the link above in the beginning of the post) has great black erotica videos and love-making stories.


      1. @Chrystal Emma
        I also gather that she is coming out with a book called In Living Color which will be erotic images of black couples.


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