The Original Black Woman: The Original and TRUE Standard of Beauty (Part II)

This is a continuation of my previous post entitled The Original Black Woman: The Original and TRUE Standard of Beauty. The post discussed from a scholarly perspective the Original Black Woman as creatress of the world’s standards and trends of physical beauty, the first model of the feminine physique, the worship of the Black Woman as a living goddess, and the ancient world’s knowledge of these facts and the very high regard the ancients had for the Original Black Woman. This post, part 2 is my two cents on the subject.

Many of you may ask, “Well what the hell happened?” The answer is and should be very obvious to everyone by now…. the SINGLE GREATEST MOST DESTRUCTIVE mind fuck in history that is White Supremacy (racism). The pictures below are the beautiful singer, actress, and model Grace Jones. She has a very beautifully structured face and physique, but according to Euro Beauty Standards she is not beautiful. For years, both Knee-grows and whites have described this woman as “black and ugly” and “resembling a man” (Now I was guilty of this too until I began the process of un-whitewashing my mind and began to really see the TRUE beauty of myself and the Black Woman Collective).

Young Grace Jones
Young Grace Jones

Black Women in general are told we are “ugly,” “undesirable,” and “worthless” when compared to light, biracial, white, and non-white, non-black women, but it is the dark-skinned Black Woman who is regarded (according to racist euro beauty standards) to be the “ugliest” of all. The Black Community’s current standard of beauty is a light-skinned black and/or biracial woman with straight or curly “good hair.” A very far cry from Black Beauty standards of the ancients. Many dark-skin Black Women/Girls report being told they look like Grace Jones; not  as a compliment, but as an insult. In the ancient world, Mrs. Jones would be held in very,very,very high regard and I strongly believe that this would be true today if it wasn’t for the White supremacist programming that has so infected the minds of Africans and others on a global scale. Yes, I know that all of this is hard for you all to believe sistas because for sooooo very long we have been told that we are “inferior,” but the Black Woman IS the original standard of beauty (and still is) and it is very well documented.


The dark-skinned Black Woman IS the mother of the Black race and the human race in general. She is the reason why ALL of us are alive, yet she is the most disrespected woman and person on the planet. We can pretty much say the dark skin black woman can bring us in this world and take us all out, lol! I love ALL my Original Black Women, whether they be light, dark, or in between and we ARE the most beautiful women on the planet, but I must be honest. When it comes to Black beauty, the dark-skinned black woman is at the paramount and the rest of us fall in line behind her. Some may get mad, but hey, that’s how it was and it’s how it still is. In ancient times, the blacker the woman the more she was held in high regard, therefore the darkest black women were held in the highest regard. And that’s right, y’all best believe that many people (on a subconscious level) still know this to be true today, but they ain’t gonna admit it, especially the white supremacist cause they have way too much to loose. Don’t let NOBODY fool y’all sistas, lol!

grace jones main

The false beauty standards in the Black Community today are based on false euro ideals of beauty that are rooted in white supremacy (racism) (and it’s byproduct colorism), envy, and hatred. We have been fooled for hundreds of years into believing that our beautiful melenated skin and unique hair textures are “ugly” and “shameful”. Black Women it’s time to reverse the brainwashing and embrace our beauty and celebrate it! I feel that many of us are taking the blinders off and are doing just that. As the system of White Supremacy (racism) looses its foothold on the minds and hearts of the world’s people, the Original Black Woman (especially the dark-skinned black woman) will be upheld, recognized, and acknowledged as the ORIGINAL and TRUE Standard of Beauty once again. Again, I leave you with the words of the late great Pan-African scholar, Dr. Yosef ben Jochannen (a.k.a. Dr. Ben) :

The Afrikan Woman is still the real standard of beauty in the world today.

I cosign 1000%.


10 thoughts on “The Original Black Woman: The Original and TRUE Standard of Beauty (Part II)

    1. I LOVE THAT SONG!!!! IMO, That was the conscious black man’s ode to the plight of the black woman on this planet. *sign* Gosh I miss Tupac!

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      1. Yeah me too. Tupac had a lot of passion and you knew he loved his people. Although he had his faults. But he was much better than Lil Wayne,TI,50 Cent,Young Jeezy,Tyga,Drake and the rest of these clowns in the rap business today.

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