The Original Black Woman: The Original and TRUE Standard of Beauty


Since it has been proven to be a fact that the Original Black Woman is the first woman God made, it would make sense that she would be the first and original standard of beauty. The Black Woman is the creatress of beauty and fashion trends that are still followed by ALL women around the world today. Dr. Ishakamusa Baranshango author of Afrikan Woman, The Original Guardian Angel states:

The standards and trends of physical beauty as manifested in feminine physique, hair styles, cosmetics, and fashions were first set  by the original Black Woman. For she collectively held the position of Ms. Universe for untold successive generations. Yes overwhelming archeological, anthropological, and historical documentation has revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Afrikan woman was the first beauty queen on earth and the adoration of her exquisite comeliness so inspired the imagination of  human creative thought that she was projected into the heavens.

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The Black Woman is the first model and standard of the feminine physique. Dr. Baranshango explains:

The Original Black Woman represented the epitome of graciousness. The sublime elegance of her corn-rowed or bushy hair, the dignity of her facial comeliness with her broad nose and delectable full lips and the awe-inspiring curves of her voluptuous form was the subject of artist all over the world around 40,000 years ago.


Furthermore, the Black Woman was revered and worshiped as a living goddess; she is the physical manifestation of God. According to Dr. Baranshango:

For long extended periods  of human history, the whole world revered and literally worshiped the Afrikan Woman. In fact, the first sacerdotal objects of veneration were replicas of the female anatomy. In terms of historical reality, all religious symbols, i.e. the cross, the star, and the crescent, the star of David, etc., can be traced back to the Black Woman’s body because she was regarded by the ancients as the supreme divine vessel of life.

Lastly, the late great Pan-African scholar and Ancestor, Dr. Yusef Ben Jochannon stated:

The Afrikan Woman is still the real standard of beauty in the world today.


Baranshango, I., Rev. Afrikan Woman: The Original Guardian Angel. Washington, D.C.: IVth Dynasty Publishing Co., December, 1989.


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