The Original Black Beauties of the Day

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15 thoughts on “The Original Black Beauties of the Day

  1. That’s Black beauty for ya…..absolutely overwhelming! LOL! I’m so proud to be a Black Woman and I’m glad I’ve learned who I am.

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      1. I’ll get Bria’s pic in my next post like this. It’s just sooooo many black beauties that I can’t put em all in one post. One post at a time, bro. Lol!

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  2. Lanisha Cole is one of the prettiest sistas I’ve ever seen! It hurt my heart when I heard she married a white guy. Nonetheless,her beauty is undeniable.

    Brothers better start appreciating these fine dark skinned women. The more we uplift these women of other races will turn our women away a lot of times. Many of these white men don’t have a problem with dark skinned women or natural hair. We need to appreciate the beautiful woman in our race. Too many of us are brainwashed by white standards of beauty. This needs to change!

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    1. I co-sign 100%. These white beauty standards did a number on Niggas. You don’t understand, but you understand. Nobody can’t NEVER get me to see why in the world would a Black Man NOT find Black Women as the most beautiful and first choice as a mate. Got THE MOST beautiful woman on the planet and these Negros can’t even see it. SMDH. But these non-black men are seeing it and taking advantage of too many Black Men’s ignorance, then some of these same black men complain when these sistas turn to non-black men. Too late!

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      1. Yeah I hear you. These dudes better wake the hell up! I see it all the time here in Cali. I see these fine black women with these average and below average white dudes. I can’t lie,it really bothers me. I think that’s why I’m against it because I see it so much. But it’s obvious too many of us have been brainwashed by these racist system. Some of these brothers hate their own dark skin and hate express that inner hatred onto sistas. I’m dark skinned myself. I’ve dated light skin,cinnamon brown,deep dark chocolate complexion too. I really don’t have a color preference. People can date whoever they want. I just don’t like when people purposely degrade and put down their own race. It reeks of self hatred! Colorism is a mental disorder. And it needs to be addressed and STOPPED!

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  3. Once again I agree 100%. As of right now, many black women are calling for the colorism issue to be addressed, it has REALLY gotten out of hand and the Black community doesn’t seem to give a damn. I’m tired of these Negros saying that “it’s just my preference” for dating choosing non-black women over black women. It’s prejudice not preference. Yeah, everybody does have a preference and can be with whomever they want, but when you’re turning beautiful women down of your own race cause of self-hatred you are mentally ill.

    Then let’s consider how things are getting worse for black people here in the U.S. (and globally) at the hands of whites. Black people are gonna need each other; Black men are gonna need Black women like they always have. I see Black women want to hold on and love and support our men, but sadly some of us give up because of the public degradation and humiliation by so called Black Men via the media (and then the colorstruck and misogynistic ones they are around in their own towns, cities, and communities). Im afraid that it may be too late for some of these men and they will learn the hard way…..perhaps if (or when) white men start public lynching again.smdh


  4. Hotep,Why is The Global Population,Who Classify them self as white So Blind to Our Beauty! Tunein to C.O.W.S. Black Talk Radio Net Work…. Ashay


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