Facts About Melanin: The Chemical That Makes Us Black and Beautiful!

From Blacked Out  Through WhiteWash by Suzar


Other astounding properties of Melanin
  • Melanin is the chemical key to life itself.
  • Melanin is a key ingredient in the DNA of the genes, and protects the DNA nucleus.
  • Melanin is centrally involved in controlling all mental and physical body activities.
  • Melanin granules are “central computers” and may analyze and initiate body responses and reaction without reporting to the brain.
  • The lack of Melanin is directly related to malfunctioning of the central nervous system while the presence of Melanin is directly associated with the proper functioning of the central nervous system.
  • Melanin is “sweet” (has a pleasant aroma). [[word MELanin is from the same root as MELon, MOLasses, MELody: Kamite MER=MEL. “MERi” –a name of Creation’s Great BLAK Mamma, source of “MARy”]]
  • Melanin is an anti-oxidant which destroys free radicals (which are a major factor causing aging).
  • Melanin retards aging and reduces senility (prolongs the life and vitality of laboratory animals).
  • Melanin causes skin to stay young and wrinkle-free by protecting it from the damaging effects of sunlight. The darker your natural skin (genetically), the less it ages. The opposite is true for lighter skin. That’s why whites have wrinkled skin in their 40s or earlier while Blacks often have smooth, unwrinkled skin even in “old” age.
  • Though one may be lightskinned, the concentration of Melanin in their organs or melanated centers may be as high as that of a darkskinned person. The reverse can also be true sometimes.
  • Melanin shows the potential to reproduce itself.
  • The Melanin molecule is so stable that it has been found in 150-million-year-old dinosaur fossils! It is highly resistant to chemical and advanced physical analysis such as electron spin resonance, x-ray diffraction, and synchrotron radiation studies. As a result, its precise structure remains unknown.


14 thoughts on “Facts About Melanin: The Chemical That Makes Us Black and Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I agree! I am sooooo happy to have been born a melanated woman and soooo glad that I have been awakened to see this great blessing. I hope that we can wake more of the sleeping amongst us to see that melanin is a GIFT not a curse.

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    1. It’s amazing how everything has melanin in it, even plants. Melanin is soooo very important, no wonder crakkkers are doing anything to get it.


    1. It’s just pathetic ain’t it? and wouldn’t you know coon Tyga comes to her defense (the name of another article I saw in the link). I’m sooo sick these niggas always gotta come to the rescue of the widdle white damsel in distress. *eyes roll* They got white men and priviledge to do that for em.

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      1. I’m also reminded of the book excerpt I posted the other day. White women keep proving that these euro beauty standards are LIES, LIES, LIES while claiming “I’m not trying to be black.”


  1. The age of blackface is back in full force. The comments section was riddled with ignoramuses talkin about it has nothin to do with race and some of em were black (I hope they were whites posing as black, I really don’t want to think some of us are that brain washed).


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