Book Excerpt From The Beauty Con Game by Umoja

                                                     FROM CHAPTER EIGHT
                                                    STOLEN BLACK BEAUTY

According to the 2009 American Society of Plastic Surgeons report, females accounted for 91 PERCENT of all cosmetic procedures. The most popular include breast augmentation, lip augmentation, face lifts, skin laser treatments, and butt implants. European beauty standards have always associated full lips with beauty, youth, and sexuality — which explains why the western medical/beauty industry is FRANTIC to create methods to duplicate them.

For example, around 1900, surgeons injected paraffin (wax) into the lips of white females without success. Liquid silicone was used in the 1960s to enhance lips until the fears about silicone stopped the practice. Currently, cosmetic surgeons are working on a procedure that allows them to use segments of neck muscle as lip grafts to “plump” them up.


Obviously, cost is no deterrent when it comes to MIMICKING THE BEAUTY OF BLACK FEMALES since a single collagen lip treatment can cost up to $400 per injection, and “lip enhancement” procedures can range anywhere from $500 to $5,000. It is UNDENIABLE that the black female’s round buttocks, full breasts, voluptuous lips, and age-resistant (melanated) skin are among the most prized and coveted physical features among the white female collective.
The proof: the mass-production and mass-implementation of the black female’s uniquely beautiful racial characteristics gross hundreds of millions of dollars for plastic surgeons every year.


In light of the above FACTS, how can the black female still be the MOST DEGRADED FEMALE on the planet? One logical answer: Black Females Must Be Inferior In A White Supremacy System.Openly acknowledging the beauty of the dark-skinned black female breaks the fundamental rule of the White Supremacy Beauty Con Game: A non-white female cannot be equal OR superior to the white female.

This explains why the black female’s most coveted features — full lips, breasts, and buttocks — had to be DISCONNECTED from the black female and RECONNECTED to a white (or a near white) female using the awesome power (propaganda) of the white media. However, the illusion of the superior white female flies in the face of the REALITY of butt implants, breast implants, face-lifts, liposuction, chin implants, curly perms, collagen lip injections, Botox, nose jobs, hair weaves, colorful skin and eye makeup, cancer-causing suntans, and tanning salons to add COLOR to pale skin. This blatant IMITATION and DUPLICATION of the “inferior” black female’s features explains why the white media feverishly promotes the “round buttocks” of (a white-looking) Jennifer Lopez and the “big lips” of actress Angelina Jolie: to CLAIM and RE-NAME“black beauty” in the name of “whiteness.” It also explains WHY the uniquely beautiful features of the black female have been targeted for ridicule by the white media, clearly ignoring the hundreds of thousands of white females who pay thousands of dollars, risking their health, and in some cases their lives, to under go risky plastic surgery and skin-tanning — to look LESS white.


                               Which brings to mind a CRITICAL (and revealing) question:
If the black female is the least attractive female in a white supremacy society, why would her unique physical characteristics be the most sought-after cosmetic and surgical procedures by the MOST attractive (white) female? In a system of white supremacy, IMITATION is NOT a form of flattery BUT it does expose the LIE and reveal the TRUTH.


15 thoughts on “Book Excerpt From The Beauty Con Game by Umoja

  1. If the black female is the least attractive female in a white supremacy society, why would her unique physical characteristics be the most sought-after cosmetic and surgical procedures by the MOST attractive (white) female?
    It’s because DEEP down they know the black woman is physically superior to ALL of them. And the only reason some Puerto rican,Cuban and Mexican women have nice butts is because they have some African ancestry. They still know they got it from US and hate to admit it. Although most Afro-Latinas will admit this truth. But white girls mostly have no breasts or butts in my opinion. They can’t compete with black women in complexion,body type and blacks age way better than they do. Angelina Jolie,Jennifer Lopez and Kim K can’t touch the beauty of Meagan Good,Beyonce,Lupita Nyongo,Lauryn Hill,Ciara,Gabrielle Union,Nia Long or Sanaa Lathan. As a matter of fact most of the white women they hype up are average looking at best. Katie Holmes,Reese Witherspoon,Gweythem Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence are all average looking to me. These white folks in the media know the deal. The black woman is one and only TRUE standard of beauty. As she was in the beginning……and still is.

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    1. I agree 100%. It irks me when people come with that bullshit that white/nonblack women “can have big butts too!” or “black women aren’t the only ones with big butts!” Yeah, with the help of plastic surgery. People just can’t stand to admit the Black Woman’s body (especially the dark skinned black woman) is the genetic blueprint of the female body. They couldn’t admit if it saved their lives! I see white/nonblack women all the time and I NEVER HARDLY EVER see one with a body like a sista. I can’t see what some of these Negros be seeing, especially in white women. I will discussing this more in an upcoming post stay posted!

      The black woman is one and only TRUE standard of beauty. As she was in the beginning……and still is.

      THIS!!! Makes for a good quote!

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      1. Yeah I know what you mean. It’s rare to see it. I did work with a Brazilian woman once that I must admit had an amazing body. But she was very light skinned and had very long hair. I will admit she was very pretty. I’m not a hater at all. Just because I prefer black women doesn’t mean I can’t give a woman props if she’s pretty. I keep it real with you. Even though she didn’t have prominent African features,I know that body still comes from the black woman. This is what many want to try to deny. They live in a state of denial.
        You have another post coming up???? I can’t wait! I know it’ll be good.
        *rubbing hands together*

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      2. It is. I remember an older male friend of mine who is a military veteran told me that he encountered a white woman while he was stationed in Germany with mucho junk in the trunk. She only mingled with black people and dated black men. He also said she was not afraid to admit that her great-grandmother was black.

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    1. I’ve been following that blog for about I think about a year now. It’s one of my favorites also although a lot of the posts make me soooo sad at how the black people there are treated like subhumans and see them selves through a white lens. I’m also saddened at how the black women are sooooo beautiful, but are soooo devalued by both the whites (not surprised) and even more sad some of their own men. SMDH.

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      1. Yeah it’s a very informative site. Although the reality of racism and colorism can be very hard to look at. But I will admit,they do it keep it real on that site.


  2. Now White women wants to have cornrows, dreads and afros to look like us and the media is praising like crazy while Zendaya was beaten to a pulp by Ms. Rancid (I know is Rancic but she’s a venomous snake) by saying that she could smell like Patchouli and weed… Funny how it sounds now that Rancid cant never had children of her own, you hurt, you pay.

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