Original Black Beauties of the Day

black-skin-makeup          Lupita-Nyongo-Speech-Essence-Black-Women-Hollywood

tumblr_n08x3p1ujg1qd09eyo1_500           tumblr_lytovc7rQw1qd09eyo1_500tumblr_lu45i8ruDS1qioxmlo1_400                 cd0c0becbf5f69fb7664113fa5fd311d         tumblr_mu2arxUqV11rvk4rxo1_400

obsessiondujour_ciaafrique_african_beauty dark-chili  damaris-lewis3bd0b79aba6b92561b9256656e587149                                                                             7257b3bc9b00b716d761bbe2212bf83b


10 thoughts on “Original Black Beauties of the Day

  1. Oh My Goodness! Black beauty overload right here! I think my legs are getting weak.lol These are some BAD sistas for sure. My favorites are Lupita of course and Damaris Lewis. Chilli always looks good too. She is aging very well. Although I wish I knew who that was in the fifth pic. She is really beautiful!!


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