The Beauty Con Game by Umoja: A Must Read!

The book, “The Beauty Con Game” is a must read for ALL Black Women (and People) who want to get an OVERstanding of why and how the media’s relentless psychological warfare is being waged against  (especially Black Women/Girls) Black Beauty. Below is the authors’ synopsis about their book and more information on the book and purchasing. I will add this to my uplifting/self-awareness books page.


Can ‘Beauty’ Lead To Genocide?

What is the REAL AGENDA behind the mainstream media’s relentless degradation of black physical features — and why are black females the main targets of Beauty Terrorism?

‘The ‘Beauty Con Game’ reveals how “beauty” — or the lack of it – has been used to justify the degradation, exploitation, oppression, and murder of black people — and how the SECOND DEADLIEST CON GAME in human history threatens the survival of ALL non-white people, and ultimately, of the planet itself.

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9 thoughts on “The Beauty Con Game by Umoja: A Must Read!

    1. This is THE book to read to get an understanding of what’s really behind the attacks on black beauty. I also have a signed copy myself.

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  1. That’s great! I’m hesitant on letting people borrow my books unless I KNOW for sure that they will return it intact. Lol, btw love your new avatar!


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