The Black Woman iz God History (Afrika)

Great post! Beautiful explanation on the Black Woman’s status on planet earth.


the black woman is god! to merely respect the great black woman is a trivial thing; indeed she is to be worshiped as a living goddess! we are to wait on the black queen as a servant, to kiss her feet, to bow in her presence. we are to love and adore her more than life. for she is life! she is creation, and she is love, history most african cultures, including that of ancient kemet are matrilineal. this means that ones identity is through his or her mother. the mother, the black queen, is the creator, the life force, the sustainer and the producer of life and ones identity. “you know that in our country there were even matriarchal societies where women were the most important element. on the bijagos islands they had queens. they were not queens because they were the daughters of kings. they had queens succeeding…

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