Black Women Just Keep Rising…

From The Mind of Truthangel


Yesterday, the sun seemed to shine a little brighter when I read an article indicating that Black women are ranked #1 in both gender and race, as being the most educated group in America.


When I think about how many of us have to deal with not only sexism, but racism, in a country, and world, that does not often validate our worth, accomplishments, and value.

The stones they throw at us daily may slay us; we still keep rising.  Our HATERS just make us GREATER!!!

I’m already uppity, now it’s off the chain now.  I hooted, tooted, hi-fived, “liked, “shared”, “Pinned”, posted, and tweeted this news.  I just let loose.  Yes I did!

Do some of you remember that Newsweek article about 12 years ago that had Black women on the cover, acknowledging the success of the sisters in academics?  However, though we know we are some of the…

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