Excerpt from Afrikan Woman: The Original Guardian Angel by Dr. Ishakamusa Baranshango


It is our hope and prayer that reiteration of the historical data
presented in this work will contribute to the realization that the
standards and trends of physical beauty as manifested in feminine
physique, hair styles, cosmetics and fashions were first set by the
original Black Woman. For she collectively held the position of
Ms. Universe for untold successive generations. Yes, overwhelming
archaeological, anthropological and historical documentation has
revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Afrikan Woman
was the first beauty queen on Earth and the adoration of her
exquisite comeliness so inspired the imagination of human creative
thought that she was projected into the heavens.
At that time in history, between 100,000-18,000 years ago, it
appears that all Black Women in the world felt very good about
themselves because there was not even an inkling of a doubt as
to her being the sheer essence of feminine pulchritude. For long
extended periods of human history, the whole world revered and
literally worshipped the Afrikan Woman. In fact, the first
sacerdotal objects of veneration were replicas of the female
anatomy. In terms of historical reality, all religious symbols, i.e.
the cross, the star and the crescent, the star of David, etc., can
be traced back to the Black Woman’s body because she was once
regarded by the ancients as the supreme divine vessel of life.

My ThoughtsAfter reading Afrikan Woman: The Original Guardian Angel and other scholarly works about Black Women’s TRUE status on this planet, I now fully Overstand why the system of White Supremacy (racism) must demean, denigrate, and disrespect the image and character of the Original Black Woman by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Black Women we must reaffirm our beauty, take back our crowns and re-claim our herstory……NOW!


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