Why I Created This Blog

I am The Original Black Woman 13. I created this blog as a counter to the relentless and ongoing psychological warfare via the media against the psyche of the African (Black) Woman. This attack on the African Woman’s character, mind, image, and body didn’t began a few years ago, a few months ago, a few years ago, or a few decades ago. It began when Africans came into contact with the Europeans hundreds of years ago.

Because of the demonization of the African Woman some Black Women deal  with it by becoming angry (which is a defense mechanism and is understandable within an anti-black people, anti-black woman society), some slip into depression and despair coupled with feelings of inferiority, worthlessness, and many Black Women internalize this inferiority complex by becoming self-hating or anti-self. Black Women have made TREMENDOUS contributions and achievements to world history and civilizations for thousands of years before Europeans came into existence, but our contributions like that of Black (African) people as a whole are hidden from us and suppressed by the global system of white supremacy (racism) in order to keep us in a state of feeling inferior to white women/people. The white supremacist media is continuously at work to  and brainwash Black Women (and girls), Black men (and boys), and everybody else via television, radio, books, magazines, social media, and other forms of mass media coupled with the infamous European standard of beauty that Black women are worthless, undesirable, and unbeautiful compared to non-Black non-African Women.  Examine the 2 before and after pictures below:


This is Irene Major, former model from Cameroon, West Africa and wife of Canadian oil tycoon, Sam Malin. Major admitted last year that she spends thousands of dollars in skin lightning cremes because she feels “prettier” in light skin. Her sister also commented about this disturbing trend among many African women in which they feel pressured to conform to Euro standards of beauty and that rich African Men tend to marry light or white women. I’m not judging this sista, but its just SO SAD how this is affecting women in the African Diaspora and how we so desperately need to learn and know our history. Sistas are destroying their beautiful melanated skin because of the constant message that “lighter is better.” This psychological warfare against the African Woman is a THREAT to Black Women and Girls physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We must take steps to protect ourselves one being is to learn WHO WE ARE; no. I’m not talking about  your name, address, or where each one of us are from but our historical significance, presence, and status on planet earth.

This blog is my individual effort to share knowledge about the historical status, contributions, and achievements of Black Women from ancient times to the present. Learning OURSTORY will help Black Women to survive and build a defense mechanism against anti-Black Woman attacks online and offline. I’ve spoken with, read the experiences, and heard Black Women say that once they learn OUR TRUE STORY they have a new sense of pride and esteem and they no longer feel inferior or worthless. Black women must rise up and reclaim our identity, history, and culture for ourselves and for our people. I AM, WE ARE EVERY WOMAN!


The Bossip Staff. “Color Struck: Black Wife Of Oil Tycoon Says She’ll Do Anything To Look Whiter ‘When My Skin Is Lighter, I Just Feel Prettier.” Bossip.com. Web. 27 Nov. 2014.  <http://bossip.com/&gt;.

The Bossip Staff. Irene Major Photograph. Bossip.com. Web. 27 Nov 2014.


31 thoughts on “Why I Created This Blog

  1. Anti-blackness is a global disease. Black self-love is the cure.
    This is a great blog sis. I have no doubt it will be successful. You have the intelligence and love of your people inside you. You’re doing a great service with this blog. I can’t wait to see what you post next. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, KP. My heart was set on doing this given my love for the people and current events going on. We gotta do what we need to do to help cleanse our psyche and the world of the rampant anti-blackness.

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      1. Absolutely!
        We must love our self, so deeply so that no one can tear at our canvas; so broadly that no two arms can contain it or reel it in; and lastly, so authentically and intimately, that we feel each other’s pain when we hurt, and rejoice together upon our Joys.

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  2. this article was right on point. It is my hope that other black females reading this and seeing the picture will see the inherent incorrectness of trying to imitate white beauty standards,

    especially when the european female is desperately attempting to imitate black beauty with fuller lips and tanned skin and bigger breasts and butts even to the extent of wanting to PRODUCE COLOR — more melanated children–by breeding with the darkest skinned black males she can find.

    Can anyone spell Heidi Klum? (former wife of Seal)

    Somebody is LYING big-time to us about US.

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    1. You are soooo right! There is absolutely NO REASON for us wanting to emulate ww or feeling inferior to them, they are trying to be us in every way! Subconsciously, they know who we are, we just gotta find out who we are. That’s what this blog is for, I hope to reach as many sistas (and brothas) as possible.

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      1. I know you’ll probably not let this get posted, or ban me but I had to ask. You say “ww,” which I am guessing means white women, are trying to emulate black women. But it begs the question, who is making black women “feel inferior” if white women are trying to be more like Black women?

        You happily cheer people who say things like “especially when the European female is *desperately* attempting to imitate black beauty with fuller lips and tanned skin and bigger breasts and butts even to the extent of wanting to PRODUCE COLOR — more melanated children by breeding with the darkest skinned black males she can find.” Yet this seems in contrast to your claims of “they hate black women” when they are trying to be more like them. I don’t know where you live, but where I come from people don’t try to imitate those they hate.

        So I am curious, could the “black women” hatred be coming from black women themselves? And is it really hatred to view European “beauty” as the standard in a country where they largest demographic is of European decent? Claiming this is the case is like claiming the Chinese are racist or hate non-Chinese “beauty” just because they consider Chinese proportions to be the standard in that country.

        As I stated, I know you’ll probably ban me or refuse to answer this, but I had to send it anyway. And assuming you actually reach this part of the post I am hoping it will give you something to think about. Because I see nothing wrong with black women being proud of who they are, but claiming there is an “anti-black” bias for beauty in predominantly European demographic countries is bordering on paranoia. Because I seriously doubt Africans from Nigeria have a “anti-black” bias, especially considering “melenated” skin color would be the standard in those countries.

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      2. You’re responding to what one of my readers said. The White Euro beauty standards are literally pushed down people’s throats the world over. The system of racism white supremacy is what is making black people/women feel inferior. From cradle to the grave, non-white people (especially black people) are told (via media, the American MIS-education system, magazines, etc.) that white=superior, black=inferior.

        I used to actually believe this as a child as do/did most black people and people of color the world over. That why some women of African descent, like the sista in the picture ALL OVER THE WORLD is bleaching their skin, that’s why Asian women are getting surgical procedures to make their eyes look more “white.” (Not all) but many white women tan, get butt injections, etc to look dark like the very black women and or non-black women they were told they are superior to because they harbor a inferior complex under their fraudulent superiority complex.

        Many whites run around thinking and sometimes express in many ways that they are superior to non-white peoples, especially black folks, yet imitate us in every way, so yes people do imitate those they hate, many whites do it ALL THE TIME.

        As for a white standard of beauty being dominant in a country with mostly a white demographic. that is true, but the problem comes in is when persons within the dominant group push their standard of beauty down minority groups throats via television programming, MIS-education, magazines, etc. The white standard of beauty shouldn’t be applied to everybody cause every body ain’t white. As far as the more melanated babies comment, white people’s global population is shrinking below replacement levels (some wp are unaware of this). Black people have the strongest DNA on the planet, when a race or species is on the verge of extinction they mate with more genetically dominant groups to save their race or species. Plus babies of color are prettier to many white women (this has been admitted by some whites/white women).

        Now I let your question and comment go through because it wasn’t any anti-black woman bashing. I assume you are a ww and it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t get what we are saying when it comes to why sites like this are needed and or why black women including many people of color are feeling inferior to white people and do all they can to assimilate into white culture to become “superior” like white people.

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  3. I absolutely love what you have written here and I agree with you 100%! I too am aware of the self-hatred and anger that Black women are filled with. I am consumed with anger because of so much negativity that is constantly being shoved at us and we are told that we are just too sensitive. May they walk a mile in my shoes and then come talk to me.

    I have never been one to mince words and when I’ve had it, everyone knows. I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to reblog this!

    And thank you so much for posting this and for the invite. I wish that I had found your blog a lot sooner, but now that I am here, I will not be a stranger!

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    1. @ShelbyCourtland

      Thank you! and Welcome! sis and I’m glad to have you as a part of my blogging family. I started this blog cause I got tired of all the negativity as well and how it affects Black Women and Girls. I want Black Women and Girls to know that WE ARE VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Without us there is NO ONE. I don’t mind sis, if you reblog, reblog as much as you like. LOl.

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  4. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    “…This attack on the African Woman’s character, mind, image, and body didn’t began a few years ago, a few months ago, a few years ago, or a few decades ago. It began when Africans came into contact with the Europeans hundreds of years ago.”

    And everyone that has read just about ANYTHING on my blog know exactly what is meant by an ‘attack on the African Woman’s character, mind, image and body’ so don’t even act like you don’t know!

    Whites have been hell bent on dehumanizing and demonizing us since the beginning of what I shall refer to as ‘the end’ for those who are in Africa and for those of us who were dragged from Africa, especially African(Black) Women.

    Beauty is not only skin deep, it goes down deep into the soul and Black Women are the ultimate in beauty because we are beautiful and when we love, we love. But get us angry and you know where hath no fury! And if you don’t believe that, archive to your heart’s content!

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  5. This is so heartbreaking – we still idolize people that wouldn’t spit down our throats if we were thirty and then to turn around and marry one must be hell on Earth. And to look in the mirror and absolutely hate what you see is the disease of the colonized mind. A true symptom of Stockholm Syndrome that we have internalized and powerless to fight against. It took me a lifetime to love my skin.

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    1. To turn around and marry one must be hell on earth? How is that? I’m a proud black 100% African woman happily married to a white man. How is that hell again? It’s pathetic and warped logic to think that racism isn’t racism when it’s coming from a black person. People like you perpetuate hatred. No wonder you hated your own skin. Judge people based on the content of their character and not the colour of their skin. That’s partly what this amazing blog is about!

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      1. Let’s slow down a bit Naija. HLJ is a brother who loves and supports his people. There’s no need to attack him like that. The fact that you are married to a white man may have blinded you a bit. Content of our character?? You must be kidding!lol You think white people judge us by that? Not from looking at the last 400 years. Come back to reality sista. I don’t think OW13 created this blog to create drama. That is not her intention. We all have to learn to respect the opinion of others. But I have a question though. If I were to say I’m a proud black man but married to a white woman….how do you think I would be received? Do you think sistas would support me? Or would that be a contradiction? I think you know the answer.

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      2. Thank you very much Kushite Prince for coming to my defense. You truly understand what it means to be “My Brotha Keepa”.

        I debated on rather or not I should entertain this person’s deluded world view knowing a white male is whispering in her ear every night. I decided to go ahead and reply knowing full well people like this are such self-haters anything a Black person says you automatically discredited. I’ll try to be polite and not further stain this sista’s blog.

        “I’m a proud black 100% African woman happily married to a white man.” Seriously, how have you managed to become so proud when being “sexually sewered” by a white male? Do you have any idea of the history of Black women and white male’s history in this country?

        “How is that hell again?” I wrote a piece a little ago entitled “Barded Wire Rapist” and it speaks to the very same hell I was referring to. Have you ever heard of “gator bait”? Or maybe the late night creeps by disgusting white beast into the homes of Black women husbands be damned? Some alcohol soaked cracker dismissing a man not only from his bed, but from his house while does what he wants with his wife. That alone is enough for you to understand the hell on Earth I mean.

        “It’s pathetic and warped logic to think that racism isn’t racism when it’s coming from a black person.” It’s this thinking right here that is the result of interracial “sex” and marriage. I won’t even began to explain why Black people CANNOT be racist because your mind is closed to that. And tell me, how did you and your white male talk about these most recent events where Black males were murdered by cops? Let me guess; you just dismissed it as thugs getting what thugs deserve or why are these Black folk so upset about this when we have so Black on Black crime. It’s negroes like you that will have to go before the “real” proud Black people can come together, but I’m sure you are already gone.

        “People like you perpetuate hatred.” This just like some poor white woman saying reverse racism is real. Do you know for me to perpetuate hatred it had to exist in the first place? And if I have this hatred who cares? Being Black, my hatred only harms me or Black people that’s one reason why Black people CANNOT be racist.

        “No wonder you hated your own skin.” Spoken like a true coon. For you a “proud” Black woman to say this to me while pulling white hair out of your mouth is why I hated my skin. Don’t you dare ever began to say that to another Black person who suffers from the mental illness known as self-hatred when you’re very own self-hatred is put on display for the world to see. You got some nerves on you.

        “Judge people based on the content of their character and not the colour of their skin.” You must not live on this planet or maybe you have such a beautiful marriage that you actually think white people judge you by something other than being a nigger.

        I know this was a waste of time because it feels like a waste of time.

        Did you even read this piece? Did you not see the lady’s photo up there? The color of her skin is the very same reason why she does what she does. You one of them uppity coons that think you ain’t like the rest of them Blacks and your life is dedicated to proving that. Well, proud Black woman let’s hope your nigger wake-up call is gentle and doesn’t send you into complete cardiac arrest. And you are the reason Stockholm Syndrome should be terminal.

        You got some nerves on you – over sitting next to your massa fixing him cornbread while looking down on the other negroes. You make me sick.


  6. @Naija Angel I want to say I applaud you for living in your own truth and sharing your love story. Love who you want because love is great. However as a black woman born and raised in the south I have never met a white man that I would ever bed. White people cannot and will never understand our struggle. When I come home from a frustrated day at work I want someone there that can understand my difficulties and not try to explain them away. I have mixed race first cousins (black and white) and my neice is biracial (mexican and black) and I love them the same as the 100% black relatives however ive heard so many times from mixed people about the hard times they had growing up feeling like they dont fit in with either side…ive had a similar experience(im the lightest skin black person in my extended family) and for years I was called white girl because of the way I talk) I was to white for the black folks but to black for the white folks. I just question the psyche of people who could turn their backs on the very essence of who they are to mate with an “other”. If your truly love being black wouldn’t you do anything you could to preserve that? Maybe im just being close minded but havent whites fought to preserve their being?

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      1. @ Ro’Shumba Mo’Nique
        Black Women have a lot of power, a lot more than we have been led to believe and a lot more than we ourselves realize. Our power as the Queens of the Universe has been deliberately hidden from us. I’m glad that at least some of us are rediscovering our power. Our powers is imperative to eliminating the SOR (System of Racism) and THEY know it.

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  7. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative
    and engaging, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the
    head. The issue is an issue that too few men and women are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy I came across this in my search
    for something regarding this.

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  8. I think that Black people are the life blood of the arts and media in the U.S. and that black women are grace and beauty in motion.

    The hatred that you describe is based on envy — as is the attitude of some Whites toward Black men.

    You might be interested in the story of “Xica de Silva” who is a national hero in Brazil.



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